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Probably a missing spacer between starter and engine block,may have fallen out during change over

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Q: What makes a new starter make a sreeching noise when being started?
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On Chevy Suburban 1999 starter is turning but the engine doesn't catch When started though the engine runs smooth and nice Can it be timing or what else?

Is it real cold were your at????? If so then replace the starter, The reason being is that the starter drive- ( bendix ) is kicking out as soon as it touches the fly-wheel and it just makes a werd noise. REPLACE STARTER.

What does it mean when you try to start your car and it makes the sound you hear when you try to start a car that's already started?

Starter or flywheel problem.

Why does my car Have power but starter makes no noise?

Dirty or loose connections or a bad starter.

You replaced the starter and its grinding how do you fix that?

I replaced the starter but it makes a grinding nose how do i fix it

91Toyota4x4 I replaced starter and still have problems starting Doesn't happen everytime but once in a while I have to tap on starter while turning key to get it started. What else could cause this?

I tried that and it is difficult to turn the key and bang the starter too. This shouldn't be. I don't know if the soleniod relay is inside or on the starter or firewall - but your banging either makes it connect or makes the starter brushes connect to the armature. Next time this happens and before banging on it - check the battery voltage supply to the starter and the battery supply to the solonid or starter relay post while your Buddy tries to crank it. It mostly Sound like it is a bad replacement starter. It happens sometimes.

What did galen do to a pig?

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Does Cattail makes a poor fire starter?


Where is the starter motor on a Chevrolet Tacuma?

Toyota makes the Tacuma. Chevrolet makes the Tahoe. Which is it?

Car tries to start and makes clicking noise at same time?

Most often this is a result of a bad battery or loose connections from the battery to the starter. It could also be the result of a bad starter, but most often its just a battery that needs charged or jump started.

How does tapping a starter in a 1994 dodge caravan help it start?

The starter has failed and needs replaced. Somthing inside the starter makes connection when you tap it.

What will would stop a car not start but makes a clicking sound at the starter motor?

dead battery bad starter solenoid bad starter loose or corroded battery or starter cables

Why would a 1996 Cadillac DeVille just not start if the lights radio and dashboard go on but engine won't start-it makes a clicking noise but won't crank?

Starter solenoid is not making contact to turn starter motor. Replace starter or solenoid(which is on the starter) !st try the battery posts. look and see if tight and clean... same thing happened to me i tightened it ,and the caddy started right up

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