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A pure substance is one that comprises either just one element or just one compound with nothing else mixed in. Thus:-

Distilled water is a pure substance,

Salt water is a mixture,

24 carat gold is a pure substance,

White gold is a mixture.

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Q: What makes a substance a pure substance?
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What is a pure substance classified as?

A pure substance is classified by having a definite and constant composition. The substance can be either an element or a compound, but what makes the substance pure, is that it does not vary.

Is chalk a mixture or pure substance?

It's a pure substance because even though the atoms are different they still the same. If that makes sense?

Is ice a pure mixture?

If there is no salt or substance that makes it impure it is a pure mixture

What makes a material a pure substance?

If all of the molecules of the substance are the same molecule

What makes a pure substance a pure substance?

Matter that is not a mixture of different types of Atoms. A pure substance is a collection of Matter that is comprised from [and or composed of] Atoms of only One Atomic Element.

Is sulfur dioxide a mixture?

No. Sulfur dioxide is a compound, which makes it a pure substance, not a mixture.

Is liquid plus air a pure substance?

No. To start with, air is not a pure substance, and mixiong it with something else just makes it worse.

Is helium a pure substance or a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture?

Helium is an element which makes it a pure substance.

Is helium gas a mixture?

No. Helium is an element, which makes it a pure substance.

Why is aluminum a pure substance?

Only a single component makes up aluminum foil, which is the aluminum element. Hence, aluminum foil is considered as a pure substance.

When sugar is added to water does this make a pure substance or a mixture?

It makes a mixture.

Is acetone a pure substance or mixture?

pure substance, propanone