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A strong acid or base completely breaks into ions when mixed with water.

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Q: What makes an acid or base weak or strong?
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Will the solution at the end point of an acidbase titration be acidic neutral or alkaline if it is a weak acid and strong base?

alkaline obviously! strong acid + strong base= neutral strong acid + weak base= acidic weak acid + strong base= alkaline

Is CoCO3a strong acid or a weak acid or a weak base or a strong base?

CoCO3 (Cobalt II carbonate) would be a weak base.

Which statement always accurately describes acids and bases a the conjugate base of a weak acid is a strong base b the conjugate acid of a weak base is a weak acid c strong acids and st?

The conjugate base of a weak acid is always a strong base

Is CH3NH3 a strong acid or base?

NH3 is a weak base, but H2CO3 ( carbonic acid ) is not a strong acid. It is a weak acid.

Is C2H3O2 an strong or weak acid or base?

CH3COOH is a acid. It is a weak acid.

What criterion is used in selecting an indicator for a particular acid-base titration?

the factors are - 1. the kind of titration ie strong acid -strong base,strong acid -weak base,weak acid-strong base,weakacid -weak base. 2.the endpoint 3. the rate of rxn

Is nicotinic acid a weak or strong acid?

Nicotine is a weak base

Is NH4NO3 a strong acid and a weak base?

It is the product of a strong acid and a weak base, but is itself a mildly acidic salt.

Is the conjugate of a strong base is a weak acid?

NaHCO3 is a weak base, with a conjugate acid of H2CO3+.

Is C2H4O2 weak or strong?

it is a non electrolyte C2H5OH is not a base, its an alcohol, ETHYL ALCOHOL so its just an alcohol

HCN is strong acid or weak acid or base or it is solible in water?

Weak acid

Is bleach a strong acid?

NO, it is a strong base