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Light. The 'blue' object absorbs all the white light that collides with is except the 'blue' light, which is relected back up to the environment, including your eyes. Blue is also the best colour if you are a blonde.... it makes your boobs bigger!

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What color makes yellow and blue?

Yellow and blue makes green.

Blue and yellow makes what color?

Blue and Yellow makes Green

What with purple makes blue?

Nothing, but blue and red makes purple.

What is the use of blue colour?

it makes sea blue, makes sky blue, it is the only color which reflects

What chemical makes fireworks blue?

copper chloride makes fireworks blue.

What makes fire turn blue?

Copper chloride makes fire blue.

Dark red blue makes?

Um... If your saying "dark red and blue makes?" it makes red purple.

What makes liquid fertilizer blue?


What makes blue and white?

a light blue.

Is the color blue in blue?

No, it's the absence of the color blue that makes it blue.

What is the term blues mean?

Blue is the color of water and sky Blue Makes you feel cold Blue makes you relaxed

What color makes blue darker?

The color black makes blue darker. Infact it makes any color darker.

What is a blue light?

it makes a type of blue that is light " light" blue

What color makes Blue and yellow make mixed?

Blue and Yellow mixed makes Green.

What are the pigment colors?

The pigment colors are: red, yellow and blue. Yellow and red combined makes orange. Red and blue makes violet, and blue and yellow makes green.

What makes a blue baby?

If you put blue paint on it!

What makes the color blue in fireworks?

red and blue

What makes light blue?

blue and then add white

What makes the blue pool blue?

I think its for the clorine

What color makes blue?

red and purple blue is a primary color; nothing 'makes' blue, it can not be made from mixing two or more colors

What makes green?

Yellow and blue makes green.

What makes blood look blue?

Blood makes blood red, whereas blood is blue when there is no air in it.

What gas in Neptunes atmosphere makes it appear blue?

what gas in Neptunes Atomsphere makes appear blue

What color does blue sky and yellow makes?

All blue and yellow makes some shade of green.

Does yellow and blue make orange?

Red and yellow makes orange. Yellow and blue makes green.