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Q: What makes golden gate bridge strong a how the weight is distributed?
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HoW the weight of an bridge is distributed?


How is the weight of an arch bridge distributed?

The weight of an arch bridge is distributed by transferring the weight of the bridge and its load outward and along the curve into an horizontal thrust retrained by the abutment at either side of the bridge to distribute the weight of the bridge evenly.

How is the weight distributed in tower bridge?

by the pillars

How is the weight tower bridge distributed?

by the pillars

How is the weight of an beam bridge distributed?


Explain what a beam bridge consists of and how weight is distributed?

a horinontale frame and weight is distributated by the beam

How much does the golden gate bridge weight?

about 30,000 lbs

How much weight can the Golden Gate Bridge hold?

It is unknown.

Why are triangles and arches strong shapes for bridge building?

OK it is mainly because the structure can not be moved. this is because all the sides support each other and the weight is distributed evenly

What is the load of a bridge?

The load of a bridge is the amount of weight that can be distributed throughout the bridge without collapsing. Engineers take into effect, wind, rain, and earthquakes when calculating the load.

What makes a bridge strong the material it is made from or the structure?

They support their on weight.

How is the weight of an suspension bridge carried?

A suspension bridge is designed to have cables suspended between towers plus vertical suspender cables that carry the weight of the roadway below. The Golden Gate Bridge is a great example of this type of bridge and is considered an engineering marvel.

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