What makes hello kitty special?

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She makes special brownies. she made them so much, she became special

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Q: What makes hello kitty special?
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Is hello kitty is nice?

Hello Kitty is a product so it is neither nice or anything else. It is what people do with it that makes it what it is.

What is the role of a Hello Kitty Party?

The role of a Hello Kitty Party is to allow little children to have fun for a special occasion, such as a birthday party. The Hello Kitty theme is usually used for girls.

What was the name of the original designer of hello kitty?

Sanrio, the company that still makes and sells Hello Kitty products today.

What Japanese company makes hello kitty?


What does hello kitty mean in America?

Hello Kitty has special significance to Asian Americans. β€œIn talking to Japanese Americans who grew up in the 1970s, they say, 'That figure means so much to us because she was ours. If you are a kitty lover you can check our store: woofdoggydawg . com/

Why do you like hello kitty?

I like Hello Kitty because she is cute and sweet. The is just something special about her that makes everyone fall in love with this cute cat. It might be her dresses, the way she acts, or just the idea of her but that is something that you will have to figure out for yourself.

Who makes the hello kitty DVD player?

The Sanrio Company.

What language is hello kitty?

Hello Kitty was originally Japanese, and 'Hello Kitty' is the English translation.

What kind of clothing does Hello Kitty create?

Hello Kitty is a famous toy company that makes a wide variety of products. This company makes anything from shoes, shirts, pants, and necklaces for girls.

What is Hello Kitty's catchphrase?

Hello Kitty's last name is "Hello!".

What is a Hello Kitty Nohohon?

A Hello Kitty Nohohon is a Hello Kitty statue thing that usally works by sun and moves some part of its body. Hello Kitty Nohohon stands for Hello Kitty Relaxation.

Does hello kitty have a cousin?

no, hello kitty does not have a cousin

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