What makes invisible ink made with milk and lemon juice visible?

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Who made invisible ink?

Henry Solomon Wellcome invented invisible ink. For more info google "history of invisible ink".

What can you use to make invisible ink?

To make an invisible ink you can do it right at home. If you mix semen from 2 different people (DNA must be different) with water and copper chloride.\nIt makes the ink invisi

How does the invisible ink made?

You can make invisible ink by writing with lemon juice. Then, if you hold it under a candle, you can read it. also you can take pee and write with it and put it in the oven an

How do you make invisible ink with milk?

just use the milk. write on the paper then let ir dry. When the ink is dry you take a lamp and if you shine light on the paper the ink will become visible
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How does lemon help invisible ink?

Lemon juice used in a pen will make clear writing (when dry) which will darken when the paper on which it was used is exposed to heat.