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What makes my Stevens model 62 22 lr jams every time I shoot it the spent round is ejected but the new round jams when it try to enter the chamber?


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September 15, 2008 2:10PM

Your gun has probably been left in a harsh environment for a while. CLEAN THE GUN. And oil it really good. And of course you are using longs right? Added by Celtgun: lr means long rifle and only 22 long rifle ammo should be used. A good cleaning and lube(sparingly). Flush with WD40(genaric is cheaper, just as good) or Brake Clean(use caution, eye hazard). Lube action with WD or far better CLP Breakfree. Could be magazine, flush it well with Brake Clean, do not lube very much at all. Magazines that are over lubed will catch dirt, which drags the follower. Some hollow point ammo may give problems, try round nose, jacketed, high velocity ammo and go from there.