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Q: What makes some insects or bugs more likable than others?
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How are bugs and insects different?

"Bugs" are a specific order of insects. So all bugs are insect, but not all insects are bugs.

What bugs are not insects?

nothing because all bugs are insects

What makes a bugs a insect?

All insects have a head, thorax and abdomen, and six legs.



How can you tell if bugs are insects?

Those are synonyms, all bugs are insects.

Are bugs insects?

Yes bugs are insects they are the same thing. The fly and have six legs

How do you find out about bugs and insects that live in your area?

Google "bugs and insects in (your area here)".

Is there another name for an insects?

Yes there is. Another name for insects is bugs.

What does it mean by meadows?

meadows, it is a kind of plant that when you put on fire, it makes bugs or insects to move away from you.

Do goats eat insects?

no they eat waste from others such as leaves grass and goatb droppings.if they eat insects it would poisone them. their stomachs cannot take in the bugs.

Are insects the same as bugs?

yes insects are just a more scientific way of saying bugs

Why do only some bugs have six legs?

all bugs/what are determined as insects have six legs. it's part of what makes them insects. spiders are NOT insects, they are arachnids. that they have eight legs is partially what determines this. crabs and lobsters have ten legs, making them very difficult to buy shoes for.