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In Canada
They are only Canadian is they were born and raised is Canada
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How do you make out with someone?

If you're together alone, don't exactly give it away but tease the other person rub their back touch their face or neck then gently kiss them, but not full make out. If you're a girl, a dude gets really really inpatient and wants to kiss you, because what guy doesn't want to make out? If you're a du ( Full Answer )

How does someone make-out?

start off with slow kissing, then gently slip in some tongue some fun way to kiss is always experimenting as long as your partner is okay with it try * running your tongue along the seem of your tongue, nice and slow * when open mouth kissing, move both tongues down to the bottom of your mouth ( Full Answer )

How do you make someone not love someone?

You can't. People have the free will to choose and will love whom they love, no matter what another person does. . You can tell lies about the said person to make them seem less desirable.

What do Canadian high school teachers make?

I believe they start at around $60 000 per year, and move up to a maximum of $ 92 000 per year depending on what degrees they have. It takes 8 years to get to the maximum. This is what my grade 11 Civics teacher told me.

Who makes Canadian coins?

Nearly all Canadian coins are struck at the Royal Canadian Mint (hint ... Google topic!) In the past, when capacity was exceeded the RCM has contracted extra production from the British and U.S. Mints. That's produced some interesting varieties. For example, in the 1960s the U.S. Mint made Canadi ( Full Answer )

What sound do Canadian geese make when they are mad?

"UH UH UH UH" the geese goes. its mate goes "OHHHHH YEAH BABY!" Canadian Geese will look you in the eye first and let out a loud honk. If the goose continues to be agitated it will flatten out its neck until it is almost parallel to its body and emit loud, short, frequent honks. If this should happ ( Full Answer )

How do Canadians make a living?

Canadians make a living through the numerous types of occupations available to all people. There is no specific difference in the way they make their living to any other countries occupants.

How much to Canadian senators make?

Members of the Canadian Senate make $130,400 as a base salary, and can earn more based on other positions held (for example, the Speaker of the Senate). Also, senators receive certain allowances to assist in the performance of their functions as members of the Senate.

What sound does a Canadian woodchuck make?

Woodchucks in general make a simple "chuck chuck" sort of noise, hence their name. . Also, when alarmed or frightened a woodchuck will also emit a shrill, loud whistling which gets quieter as the woodchuck retreats into his burrow. This also gives them another popular nickname: whistle pig. . Wo ( Full Answer )

What animal makes their home is the Canadian tundra?

Well, it depends upon what era you are wondering about. Wooly Mammoths once inhabited the tundra where they grazed the snowcrested ground. Now there are wolves, mouse, caribou, whitetail deer and many more.

Why do people make fun of Canadians?

People make fun of other nationalities through ignorance and bigotry. Fortunately Canadians are intelligent people and know this, so do not take much offence as they often feel sorry for those that act in this manner.

Can you make money in the Canadian oilfields?

Yes, and lots of it if you are willing to work hard and put in the hours required. It can be 12-16 hour days 7 days a week at times. So be ready for your wallet to get fat, and your social life to get skinny!

Did they make a 1935 Canadian half dollar?

yes, the royal Canadian mint has made a half dollar for every year ever since the mint was founded in 1908. it may be hard to find a 1935 half dollar because most collectors look for the 1935 dollar, the first Canadian dollar minted for circulation.

How much does a Canadian executive recruiter make?

Canadians have a long standing tradition of paying their executive recruiters in copper wires which they can then sell back to their local recycling center for 1.70 a English pound, therefore they make close to nothing

How do you make the Canadian flag on xbox live?

You are unable to create any designs on the Xbox 360. However, I believe you may be talking about a emblem creator in Call of duty black ops. To create the Canadian flag, you first create the background, so red squares on each side and one square of white in the middle. For the leaf style logo, yo ( Full Answer )

How much does a Canadian neurosurgeon make a year?

it could be possibly like 2 million a day, if you suck some major boners on the side and wipe your patients asses after unloading a huge one, I'd say something like that.

What are three reasons someone cannot become a Canadian citizen?

Under ordinary circumstances, a person cannot become a Canadian citizen if they have previously violated the Citizenship Act, if they are under a deportation order already, or if they have had their citizenship revoked. Other than these, one may not legally apply for citizenship if one is: . curr ( Full Answer )

What year did they stop making silver Canadian nickels?

Canadian 5-cent coins called nickels have never contained anysilver. From 1858 to 1921 Canada struck 5-cent pieces in a silver/copperalloy but these coins weren't referred to as nickels; they wereeither just "5 cent pieces" or colloquially "fish scales" due totheir small size.

Who made the Canadian flag and when did they make it?

George Stanley and John Matheson are creditted as the flag's creators. They would have created the flag between 1964 (when Lester B. Pearson began to address the issue of the flag) and 1965 (when their design was adopted by the country).

Where can someone find cheap Canadian flights to London?

FlightHub is your best bet for finding cheap flights. Always keep in mind that the cheapest day for flying is Wednesday, and ordering your ticket about 3 weeks in advance gets you the best possible offer.

Where can someone get an application for a Canadian passport?

Resources for a Canadian passport can be found at the Canadian government's official passport website or at a Canadian authorized service location. No one else can authorize your passport for Canadian entry except the official Canadian government.

Where can a Canadian go online to send flowers to someone in the USA?

The best bet is to go to any American florist company website. Simply input your billing information as normal with a few minor adjustments. When inputing country, choose United States. Choose any state and for your ZIP code, use the 3 numbers from your postal code and add two zeros at the end. ( Full Answer )

Where can someone find a Canadian Citizenship Lawyer?

A great way to find a Canadian citizenship lawyer would be to use one of the lawyer directories that can be accessed online. Resources include the Canadian Law List, Lawyer Locate and Find a Lawyer Canada.

Where can someone purchase a Canadian maple leaf gold coin?

One can purchase a Canadian maple leaf gold coin from a variety of sources online. One can purchase this item from websites such as Monex Precious Metals, Northwest Territorial Mint, and American Precious Metals Exchange.

Where can someone contact Canadian immigration lawyers?

Local Canada immigration layer can be found using the Yellow Pages. There is also a website called Canada Legal which has a list of lawyers operating in Canada. The list contains contact information and links to their websites.

Where can someone find a Canadian web hosting company?

One can find a Canadian web hosting company in online websites. In addition, one can find a Canadian web hosting company by gaining information from one's peers who happens to be a Canadian.

Where can someone convert US dollars to Canadian dollars?

There are a number of sites where one can use a convertor to calculate US to Canadian dollar conversions.In addition XE also provides a service to allow businesses and individuals to exchange currencies online.

Where can someone buy Canadian living magazine?

Canadian Living Magazine can be purchased from many major supermarkets including Tesco and Asda.On the internet one could order the magazine from their official website.

Why did they quit making Canadian pennies?

Inflation has rendered them obsolete, and they cost more than face value to produce. Credit card transactions still pay exact amounts, but cash transactions round up or down to the nearest five cents.