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What makes the best pet?

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I would say a dog because they are really friendly, and loving. When you feel sad they can understand you. If you have kids there great too.Good luck

2011-11-07 02:42:36
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What kind of lizard makes a great pet?

The best pet is an iguanna

What bug makes the best pet and can be found enywhere?


What type of frog makes the best pet?

Tree frog or a red bellied toad. You can either at any pet store.

What animal makes the best pet besides dogs or cats?

i like monkeys :)

What is the best pet to get for a teenager?

I would recommend a dog as it makes a friendly relationship with the child.

What type of dog makes the best pet?

because they are really cute and our life patner

Who is your best pet animal?

if you are looking for the best pet then a hamster is the perfect pet

What makes a good pet?

a dog is mostly known as the best pet to have,or a cat.A definition of a pet is a creature that is under your power..well that was what it was known in the old common days.A pet could be eny crature that u have a good acompination with.

What makes best pet male or female pitbull?

No matter the sex, pitbulls are realiable house dogs.

Are cats the best pet?

Yes! They are the best pet Ever!

What is the best classroom pet?

the best classroom pet is a hamster

Which small household-pet is the best?

a dog is the best kind of pet because they are loveable, and fun to have as a pet

What is the best thing to use to teach math to your pet rock?

Buy your pet rock a partner in crime and slam them together. That will be number one plus one. That makes two rocks.

What company makes kirkland brand dog food?

Diamond Pet Foods makes Kirkland for Costco. Diamond Pet Foods makes Kirkland for Costco.

What makes a pillow pet so soft?

The soft fur that they cover the pillow pet makes it feel soft. And the stuffing inside makes it even softer.

What are the best pet games to play on the computer?

the best pet game is either moshi monsters or on pet ville

Buy the Best Pet Insurance Coverage for Your Dog or Cat?

Pet owners have unique opportunities to buy the best pet insurance policies that help them to provide their pets with excellent medical care at lower costs. Some pet insurance plans actually reduce the cost of veterinary services to 20 percent of the original fees, which means that the best pet insurance plans cover 80 percent of the bills. Pets deserve to have the best medical care, and there is no excuse for pet owners who allow their pets to needlessly suffer, or even die, due to lack of pet insurance coverage. Pet owners are responsible for the care of their pets, and pet insurance coverage makes pet owners even more accountable.

What is the best pet mouse?

the best mouse to keep for a pet is female fancy mouse

What is the best pet pet park server?

The cheet code for best pet pet park server is up,down,left,right,double down,then press the numbers 113847729384722 then type in my best pet and you win but dont do it to fast but do it slowly

What makes a better pet a dog or a cat?

it all depends on the type of person you are, if you are looking for a pet that you don't have to be around 24/7 you should get a cat, unless you would like to walk your pet and if you are getting a dog its best to have a big garden for it to play unless its a small dog, what ever you feel best about is the type of pet you should pick it does not even have to be a cat or dog

What gecko makes a good pet?

the leopard gecko makes a great pet. they do not have sticky hands so they cannot climb out of the tank and escape

How do you decide which pet is best for you?

Research pets and learn more about them so you will know which pet is best for you.

What makes a good small pet?

A Hamster.

What is the best pet for very busy people?

A pet peeve.

What is the Best pet for an 11 yr old?

a pet rat