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When anything, in this case Mercury, gets warmer it gets larger and vice versa, when it gets cooler it gets smaller. As the mercury gets warmer and larger it fills more of the tube and when cooler it fills less of the tube.


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It expands with warmth and decreases in the cold, exactly the opposite of ice.

Alcohol thermometers are a lot cheaper, they work fine and they do not depend on a deadly poison to work. Mercury is not very nice stuff especialy if it ends up in the body somehow.

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I am not sure what sort of thermometers you have in your klab but a mercury-in-glass thermometer should be fine up to 350 deg C. Thermometers based on thermocouples can go very much higher. So the simple answer is that nothing happens.

A bore refers to the extremely fine or narrow tube found in a thermometer. It is called a narrow bore or a capillary.

So that we can take the reading accurately and more precise

Mercury is extracted from cinnabar by heating and collecting the vapors. In factories, the rock is ground up into a fine powder which is then heated.

Temperature is the quantity that describes how hot or cold an object is. A thermometer does a fine job of measuring it.

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The thermometer consists of a very fine glass tube having a very small bore and is called capillary tube. At one end of capillary tube a very thin glass bulb is provided. The bulb is filled with mercury( most of the times) or alcohol The other end of capillary tube is sealed. The capillary tube is protected by a thick glass tube called stem. On the stem are made markings. These markings are called graduations or degrees.

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