What makes up a seed?


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A seed has three main parts. The parts of a seed are the seed coat which protects the seed. The endosperm helps the seed grow when it is first planted. The embryo which is made up of three different parts such as the cotyledon and the primary root.

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The biggest factor in make a healthy seed is how the the mother plant was cared for.

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The Carpel is a leaf like, seed-bearing structure that makes up the innermost whorl of the flower. The seed development takes place within the carpel.

Yes, a bean is a seed. It is a seed for a bean plant. Bean is often said in place of seed. I hope this makes it easier to understand. :)

A cotyledon is found within a seed. It makes up a large portion of the embryo within a seed. It may develop into the first leaves of the plant when it germinates.

that is the magical aparatus inside the seed combined with the proper environment for growth.

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