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What makes up your Circulatory System is your heart, arteries, veins, and blood.
The circulatory system is made up of the heart, pulmonary system, and systemic system.

what is a circulatory system made up of?

The circulatory system is made up of the Arteries, Blood vessels, and Veins.

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Q: What makes up the circulatory system?
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What type of tissue makes up the circulatory system?

cardiac tissue

What makes the circulatory system work?

The heart

What makes circulatory system work?

The heart

Which structure makes it possible for oxygen to enter the circulatory system?

The lung or pulmonary system is the essential respiration organ that makes it possible for oxygen to enter the circulatory system.The alveoli struture makes it possible for oxygen to enter the circulatory system.

What circulatory system is made up of a heart and a network?

A human circulatory system.

What is the relation between circulatory and digestive system?

The relation between the circulatory system and the digestive system is that the digestive system makes energy so the energy goes to the heart and that is what makes it pump.

Circulatory system organs?

Heart, arteries and veins make up the circulatory system.

How is viscosity important in your circulatory system?

it causes the capillary effect which makes the blood run up your veins

What makes up an earthworms circulatory system?

This is not part of human physiology. Unless you have a very strange anatomy.

Does the circulatory system affect humans?

Yes. The circulatory system is how the human body makes sure that each cell receives the proper nutrients it needs and can expel the waste that it doesn't. A person with a malfunctioning circulatory system can wind up in pretty bad shape.

Can a heart attack shut down the circulatory system?

Absolutely - since the heart is the pump that makes the circulatory system work !

What two things are picked up and delivered by the circulatory system?

Blood and oxygen are transported by the circulatory system.

Does the circulatory system take up carbon dioxide or oxygen?

The circulatory system takes up oxygen, and releases carbon dioxide.

Is the circulatory system made up of nerve cells and the brain?

No. The circulatory system is made up of the heart and all the blood vessels.

What body system is made up of your heart?

Circulatory System

What system makes nutrients available to all cells?

The circulatory system pumps the blood which carries the nutrients that the cells needs. The circulatory system gets the nutrients from the digestive system.

What does Tar do to the circulatory system?

It makes your blood go black and bubble.

What are the systems in the circulatory system?

The circulatory system is its own system. There are not systems in the circulatory system.

How do the circulatory system and the immune system work together to fight against disease?

The immune system makes white blood cells, which goes into the blood in your circulatory system to protect you from bacteria

How are the circulatory system and the circulatory system related?

They're both the circulatory system.

What three things make up the circulatory system?

The three things that make up the circulatory system are th heart, blood, and blood vessels.

Vessels and the heart make up what?

Cardiovascular system, or circulatory system

What are the parts that make-up an organism?

circulatory system

Open circulatory system to lymphatics to closed circulatory system is to blood circulatory system?


What type of circulatory system does a monkey have?

closed circulatory system (double circulatory system)

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