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when water heats up it become a gas


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the source that makes water evaporate is evaporation from the sun

The main source of heat that makes water on the earth evaporate is the thermal energy from Sun.

when the water is in the lake,river etc.when the sun rays falls directly to the water the water becomes steam and evaporate

Yes because sprite has more ingredients than water which makes it easier to evaporate.

The Sun's energy, which makes the water evaporate.

This is the continuous movement of water molecules.

salt water evaporates slower than regular water because the salt makes it harder to boil and evaporate

It is the heat source that makes water evaporate.

Temperature and pressure are important factors.

It depends what it is covered with. If it is covered with a cloth then, as the cloth is porous, the water will evaporate. If however you cover the bowl with something that seals the top (makes it air tight), it will not evaporate.

salt soaks into the water and makes the water hard to evaporate because its too thick. Ms.Melissa is my friend at Charles Ellis

The sugar water would evaporate faster than the salt because sugar dissolves in the water making it stay thin, while the salt makes water thicker and makes it hard to evaporate

Without the Sun that makes the water evaporate, there wouldn't BE any water energy.

Raising the temperature dilatation is favored.

Light does have an affect on water evaporation because water evaporates by absorbing heat and dark colors absorb more heat so the light makes it evaporate like green and red would make the water evaporate.

Soda doesn't evaporate faster then plain water becasue the molecules in soda are colsely packed together which makes it harder to evaporate. The molecules in plain water evaporate quicker because they are less packed together and don't attract as the molecules in soda do.

can clay evaporate in water

yes it makes it evaporate 5x faster

Water has a tendency to evaporate. In general, the hotter the water, the faster it will evaporate. This is because if the water is hotter, the water molecules move faster, and have more energy per molecule. This makes it easier for them to escape the water surface.

Water can evaporate and turn into water vapor.

the water can evaporate from rivers, lakes and seas

Because it have a chemical that makes it easy to evaporate.

The molecules in hot water have more kinetic energy than those in warm or cold water, and thus makes it easier for those molecules to escape into the vapor phase (evaporate).

They all evaporate, but the hot water will evaporate the fastest.

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