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Most make-up tells you if it has not been tested on animals. If it doesn't...then most likely it was tested on animals.

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Q: What makeup is tested on animals?
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Is Mac makeup tested on animals?

M.A.C. is not tested on animals.

Is rimmel makeup tested on animals?


How do you know if makeup isn't tested on animals?

It will say on the bottle or website if it is NOT tested on animals. If it doesnt say anything it probably is tested on animals

What is the kind of makeup that animals test?

Most types of makeup is tested on animals. Only a few companies don't test on animals.

What is tested on animals?

make up can be tested on animals Makeup, medicine, chemicals, and just all kinds of horrific and disgusting things.

Why do people use beauty cosmetics that are tested on animals?

People always want to be secure with their makeup, so they think that the makeup that's tested won't hurt them.

Should makeup be tested on animals?

Some, yes, but not harmful or debilitating tests. Only testing that does not permanently harm animals should be used when the products are not vital to the health interests of humans.

What eye makeup is tested on animals?

Lip stick and eye make-up.

What brands of makeup are tested on animals?

Maybelline,L'Oreal,cover girl and garnier

Why makeup is not being tested on humans?

As opposed to not being tested on animals? ALL makeup is ultimately tested on humans to be sure humans like wearing it, and that it stays on them long enough to make applying it worthwhile.

Is Collection 2000 makeup tested on animals?

No, they don't. Look at there website for more details.

Do peta girls wear makeup?

If they do it is only Make up that isn't tested on Animals.

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