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Rachmiel (רחמיאל) is not associated with any other English names. It means "God is my mercy" but no English names have this meaning. The only English name even remotely connected to mercy is Clemence.

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Q: What male English names are associated with the Hebrew name Rachmiel?
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There is no Hebrew translation for "Jennifer". Only Hebrew names have Hebrew translations. English names do not.

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You can't translate foreign names into Hebrew unless they originated from Hebrew. You can either spell the the names phonetically using Hebrew or choose Hebrew names that have a similar sound or meaning.

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Sidney has no meaning in Hebrew. Only Hebrew names have meaning in Hebrew.Sidney has meaning in Old English.

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English names don't change pronunciation much when spoken with a Hebrew accent. Judy sounds pretty much the same in Hebrew as it does in English.

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Tracy is a Greek name meaning 'little reaper', however if you want a Hebrew equivalent, here are some: English NameHebrew Name Click on a name belowGender1TracyGavrielaFemale2TracyNetivaFemale3TracyUzielaFemale4TracyUzitFemale English names which are not derived from Hebrew names are normally represented by Hebrew names with similar underlying meanings.