What man die on the Lewis and clark expedition?

The only man known to have died during the Lewis and Clark Expedition was Sergeant Charles Floyd. Sergeant Floyd was born in Kentucky and was one of the first men to enlist in the expedition, on August 1, 1803. On July 31, 1804, Floyd writes in his journal, "I am verry Sick and Has ben for Somtime but have Recovered my helth again." On August 19, Clark reported Floyd's condition, "Sergeant Floyd is taken verry bad all at onc with Beliose Chorlick. we attempt to relieve him without Success as yet, he gets wordse and we are muc alarmed at his Situation, all attention to him." On August 20, 1804, he died from what is generally thought to have been a ruptured appendix. He is buried at Floyd's Bluff near Sioux City, Iowa. Clark writes about the funeral, "we Buried him to the top of a high round hill over looking the river & Countrey for a great distance Situated just below a Small river without a name & cal Floyds River, the Bluff Sergts Floyds Bluff - we buried him with all the honors of War, and fixed a Ceeder post at his head with his name title & Day of month and year. Capt Lewis read the funeral Service over him he had at All times given us proofs of his impartiality Sincurity to ourselves and good will to Serve his Countrey..."