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Q: What mark is in imperative question?
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What punctuation mark is imperative?

question mark

What is declarative interrogative imperative and exclamatory?

Declarative- is a statement and ends with a period(.) Interrogative- asks a question and ends with a question mark(?). Imperative- commands some on to do something and ends with a period(.). Exclamatory- shows strong feeling and ends with a exclamation mark(!).

Is a question an imperative sentence or a interrogative sentence?

interrogative = question imperative = command

If an imperative sentence ends with an exclamation mark is it imperative or exclamatory?

An imperative sentence is a command or suggestion. It does not become an exclamatory sentence just because it ends in an exclamation mark. An exclamatory sentence expresses emotion or fervor, and may be declarative or interrogative (for example, a strong statement or an hysterical question).

Question and answer flow for imperative sentence?

Imperative sentence has to have: period, command, imperative sentence. I had difficulties with this question, but that's all I know ..

What are the four basic sentence structures?

Declarative-ends with a period Imperative-ends with a period Exclamatory-ends with an exclamation mark Interrogative-ends with a question mark

Can an imperative sentence have an exclamation mark?

Of course it can! Imperative sentences are sentences that tell someone to do something. These may be strong commands or weaker requests. If they are strong commands, they will usually have an exclamation mark at the end. For example, the sentence, "Get out!" is imperative and ends with an exclamation mark.

Does the end punctuation determine sentence function.?

Not necessarily. Sometimes it can, like an interrogative question ending in a question mark. Imperative questions though, could end in a full stop or sometimes an exclamation mark or even a colon.

What is the punctuation mark used at the end of an imperative sentence?

Period is the punctuatio n mark used at the e nd of a n imperative se nte nce.

What punctuation belongs at the end of a statement?

At the end of a statement (a declarative or imperative sentence), you can use a period. After exclamatory sentences, use an exclamation mark, and after interrogative sentences, use a question mark.

What two punctuation marks does an imperative sentence end with?

An imperative sentence ends with either a period or an exclammation mark.

Does a imperative sentence show a question or a command?


Do imperative statements have question marks at the end?

No, dunkass.

What type of sentence is this...(Come hereplz!)?

It is an imperative question.

What is the difference between interrogative and imperative?

Interrogative is putting a question towards something, but imperative is commanding and a polite request .

What is the name of this mark?

Question Mark ? is a question mark.

What is the name of this mark '?

Question Mark ? is a question mark.

Why is a question mark a question mark?


Does the parentheses go before a question mark or after the question mark?

After the question mark.

Q and A Flow for imperative sentence?

i went to my freind's biirthday party last weekend.

What does a question mark cause in a sentence?

question mark is a punctuation mark that makes the sentence an INTERROGATIVE. why? because, a sentence with a question mark is giving a question, asking, or interrogating. now, for this case..... a question mark can make the given sentence an interrogation. related answers: 4 types of sentences interrogative: a sentence that asks a question. it ends with question mark exclamatory: a sentence that states a very strong feeling. it ends with exclamatory point. imperative: gives a command or request. it ends with a period. declarative: taken fromn its name, a declarative sentence is a sentence that declares or it gives us ends with a period also.

Is a declarative sentence imperative?

No. Mark is watching Janet play soccer. That's declarative. Janet, wash your hands before dinner. That's imperative.

What type of sentence is this don't sit on that tack?

It is an imperative question.

Is it called a question mark or a question point?

question MARK

What are four kinds of sentences?

Some kinds of sentences include: Declarative Sentences - statement and ends with period Interrogative Sentences-Question and ends with question mark Imperative Sentences-Strong Feeling And ends with exlamation Point