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A mascara that is waterproof such as Avon Wash Off Waterproof Mascara.

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How do you know when you have run out of mascara?

When you can no longer get any mascara out of the tube.

What do you wear so that mascara does not run?

You get waterproof mascara. Its expensive but it really works.

Does saltwater make mascara run faster?

Yes, saltwater makes mascara run faster. Just like when you cry, those tears are a type of saltwater.

What is the difference between waterproof mascara and regular mascara?

Waterproof mascara is different from regular mascara. Waterproof mascara is made so that if your face gets wet, it won't run as easily. So if you want to go swimming, will be crying a lot, or be in the rain your best bet is to go with waterproof mascara.

What mascaras should you use if you want it to run?

I would wear 3 or 5 coats depending on how much you want it to run. Rub your eyes and don't wear waterproof mascara. You could run water over your eyes so the mascara runs or you could use mascara remover.

When you wear mascara and you cry does it go of?

It depends. When you wear waterproof mascara, most likely not. If you wear regular, chances are yes.

Where on your body might use mascara?

You are most likely to use mascara on your eyelashes, that is the intended use. There are a few mascara products made for hair, such as fun colors and root touch-ups.

What do I use since I lost my mascara wand?

Since you lost your mascara wand, I recommend that you buy a new mascara. Mascara can attract germs easily, and without a wand (and presumably the cap) this problem will likely be worse. If this is a newer mascara, you can apply with a liner brush or wash off the wand from a cheaper mascara (such as a $1 option from the discount brand sections).

What energy source is least likely to run out in the next 200 years?

Ethanol, hydroelectricity, and solar power are renewable resources that are not likely to run out in the next 200 years.

How many different kinds of mascara are there?

I would say at least a thousand.

How do you use clear mascara?

Clear mascara can be used just like regular mascara. But it doesn't run black streaks down your cheeks and washes out easily. It's also good for shaping your eyebrows.

What is a mascara that doesn't fade?

A mascara that doesn't fade might include the Covergirl waterproof collection. These types of mascara are designed to stay on even when the person goes swimming and are less likely to fade than other brands.

Which energy source is least likely to run out in the next 200 years?

Ethanol, hydroelectricity, and solar power are renewable resources that are not likely to run out in the next 200 years.

How do you get mascara to run on sims 2?

You have to download it from places like Mod The Sims....

How do you make your mascara run without crying?

There are many situations that will make mascara run, such as swimming or walking in the rain. If you want the runny look for a photo, try misting your face with warm water or a little saline solution.

What is clear mascara?

Mascara that is called clear mascara

What is mascara in English?

Mascara is still mascara in English.

Does waterproof mascara work better than regular mascara?

Not really, unless you sweat (like if you wear mascara to workouts), cry a lot or swim. If you wear non-waterproof mascara, it'll run down your face. This looks great on Trinity Broadcasting Network, where the women who can cry on cue sit there with mascara streaming down their cheeks as they talk about how much they love Jesus. Most of us aren't televangelists, to which we should all be thankful. Mascara staying where you put it is Good, so I recommend wearing waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner.

Do your eyelashes fallout if you wear too much mascara?

If you replace your mascara every 3 months and wash it off (without rubbing) before bed, you aren't likely to directly damage your eyelashes. However, mascara is drying and you may need to give your eyes a rest day every week. Check with your doctor if your mascara hurts or if you are noticeably losing eyelashes.

If you were to test several different kinds of waterproof mascara how would you approach this?

Get x number of friends together, where x = the number of kinds of mascara. Give each friend mascara to apply in the same number of strokes on both sets of eyelashes. Have each friend stand under a shower for 3 minutes. Measure any mascara run lines on their faces.

How do you spell masacure?

The likely word is massacre (mass killing).The similar word is mascara (eyelash makeup)

Is mascara waterproof?

Not all mascara is water proof. But you can get water proof mascara just as easily as you can get non water proof mascara.

Is hair mascara the same as regular mascara?

no Hair mascara is like hair color

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