Waves Vibrations and Oscillations

What material do waves travel through?

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They travel through a material medium.

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What material in electromagnetic waves travel the slowest?

through what material does an electromagnetic waves travel slowest?

How sound waves travel through a material?

Vibrations travel through the material, just as they would in air. How well they travel through depends on the material.

What substance through which mechanical waves can travel?

A material medium through which the mechanical waves could travel. Air is a material medium though which sound waves, mechanical waves, can easily pass through.

Where can electromagntic waves travel through?

Electromagnetic Waves can travel through space without any material medium.

What is the material called that waves travel through?

Mechanical waves must travel through a medium, such as a gas, liquid, or solid.

What can't sound waves travel through?

Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum. They must travel through a medium, such as a gas, liquid, or solid. Sound waves travel the fastest through a solid. Sound waves are made of vibrating material be it a liquid a gas or a solid There is no material in a vacuum so there is nothing to pass the vibration through.

What is a material through which light waves can travel?

Light can travel through transparent and translucent glass.

Through what material does electromagnetic waves travel slowest?

The electromagnetic waves travel the slowest in the solids. The electromagnetic waves however travel the fastest in the gases or air.

Ein which of the follwing can sound waves not travil?

Sound waves can travel through any compressible material (which means any real material), be it solid, liquid, or gas. Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum.

How does sound travel from instruments to your ears?

Sound creates waves in a material- compression waves. These waves are transmitted through the atoms/molecules in the material to the receiver. The denser a material is, the more effectively sound may travel; this is because the sound waves are transmitted more easily through the tightly packed molecules.

Seismic waves travel fastest through what kind of rock?

Seismic waves are of two types the P waves and the S waves. The P waves are the first stronger waves that travel through solids and liquids and the S waves are the follow up waves that can travel only through solids. The velocity of the waves depends on the nature of medium it travels through. The denser the material, the faster the seismic waves travel. The P waves travel at about 5000 m/sec in granite.

Does sound need a material to travel through?

Sound (and vibration) are a wave system of sequential compressions and rarefactions of a material. These waves are mechanical and do need a substance through which to travel. They cannot travel through a vacuum.

Why can electromagnetic waves travel through space and not sound waves?

Sound waves need a physical material to carry them, but electromagnetic waves don't.

Are sound waves mechanical or electromagnetic waves?

Sound waves are mechanical vibrations that physically move the material through which they travel.Sound waves are not electromagnetic waves.

Why are light waves able to travel through a vacuum whereas sound waves cannot?

Because sound waves are waves in material media, but light waves are not.

What does mechanical wave needs to travel?

It has to travel through a medium. This is usually air, but could be any material such as water or steel. Mechanical waves cannot travel through vacuums as EM waves can x

Where do P-waves travel through?

P waves can travel through solid and liquid material such as the mantle, but when they hit the earths core, they slow down greatly S waves can travel through the mantle as well, but stp abruptly when they reach the solid core

What type of waves travel through matter?

The type of waves that travel through matter are Electromagnetic waves.

Which waves travel through a medium?

Mechanical waves, such as sound waves travel through a medium. They cannot travel through a vacuum.

What affects the speed of seismic waves?

The speed of seismic waves are affected by the type of material that the waves are traveling through. in other words (as an example): some type of waves can travel through rocks but not through liquids.

What does a wave travel through?

Water waves, for example, travel along the surface of water. The material through which a wave travels is called a medium.

What are the similarities and differences of primary and secondary waves?

Similarities:They are both seismic waves that transmit energy.They are both "body" waves.Their velocity is affected by the density of the material through which hey travel.Differences:S-waves are transverse waves where as P-waves are longitudinal waves.As P-waves are longitudinal or compressional waves they are able to travel through liquids and so can pass through the Earth's outer core. S-waves are not able to travel through liquids.P-wave velocity is affected by the bulk and shear modulus of the material through which it is travelling, S-wave velocity is affected by the shear modulus of the material only.P-wave velocity is higher than S-wave velocity for a given material.

Why does sound need a material to travel?

Sound travels in waves, these waves need a medium to travel through. Think about water in the ocean, without the water, there would be no waves. Same concept.

What do shear waves travel through?

Shear waves travel through solids. They cannot travel through liquids and gasses (unlike compressive waves) and they can't travel through a vacuum (unlike electromagnetic waves).

What do you call the material through which a wave travels?

Any material through which any wave travels is called a medium. Ocean waves travel through the medium of seawater. Sound cannot travel through outer space, because there is no medium there to support sound waves. Mechanical waves such as sound and vibration require a medium through which to travel. Usually air, or a solid or liquid - matter in other words.

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