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Sandstone and reinforced concrete

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Q: What material was used to make Queen Victoria Building?
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Who died to make Queen Victoria queen?

Her uncle, King William IV.

Why did Queen Victoria make rules?

To keep the country under control.

Is limestone used to make building material?


What connection did Kaiser Wilhelm have to the royal british family?

Queen Mary of Teck was the great grandchild of George III, through her mother, Mary Adelaide of Cambridge. Kaiser Wilhelm II was the great great grandchild of George III, through his mother Victoria, Princess Royal. This would make them second cousins, once removed.

Can you please make a sentence with the word reign?

Queen Victoria's reign lasted 64 years.

Why was Queen Victoria a good queen?

queen Victoria was a good queen because she had courage and the willingness to learn but most importantly, reform and true test of character was being a good wife to her husband. she showed an admirable character of humility and submission despite of her being queen. pride could never make one a good leader.

Did Queen Victoria make any important decisions?

Lots of decisions!

Who was Queen Victoria's husband?

Queen Victoria's husband was her first cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Victoria's mother and Albert's father were brother and sister. Albert and Victoria's common uncle Leopold (who was King of Belgium) thought that they would make a good pair. Because Leopold was like a father to Victoria she agreed to meet with Albert and his elder brother Ernest when they were all teenagers. Several years later Leopold wanted Albert to visit England again, and Victoria gave in. During this trip Victoria fell in love with Albert and proposed to Albert.

What did Queen Victoria do for her people?

Queen Victoria ruled England on her own not letting anything get in her way. As started to be queen she wasn't right on the ball but when she got support from her husband Albert she managed it very well and quickly got the hang of it. The real job was to pay for England's supplies and that nothing got out of hand in the WHOLE of England. It was a very hard job and a responsible one as well.

Building material?

Their building material was mud.

What is victorial period costume?

Queen Victoria was a big old fat woman who like to make people wear crazy dresses. Thus they say it like Victoria period.

Why did David living stone name Victoria Falls after queen Victoria?

David Livingstone was from the country of England, and therefore to horor his queen and therefore his country, he named the falls for Queen Victoria. Make sense? It would be like an American making a discovery of an island or something of the sort and naming it for their president, spouse, or another important person in thier life whom they honor and respect.