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uh, mostly metal.


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Q: What materials can electricity move through?
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What allows electricity to move through materials?

electricity doesnt move...its the electrons...rather free electrons in materrials that moves nd we call it as electric current

What materials will not allow heat or electricity through?


What does electricity move through?

No, it does not.

Does not electricity to move through it easily?

rubber would be an example of something that does not allow electricity to move through it easily

What are not insulators?

Insulators are materials that don't conduct heat well, or (for electricity), materials that don't let electricity pass through them. In general they are non-metallic materials.

What supplys energy to move electricity through a circuit?

A battery supplies energy to move electricity through a circuit (Remember, a circuit is a wire.)

What material can pass electricity?

As unsatisfying as I'm sure you'll find this, that depends on your definition of "electricity." If you mean electricity in the most conventional sense of an electrical current, electricity can move through any medium in which charge carrying quantons (protons, elecrtons, etc) can move at least somewhat freely.

What are materials that do not let electricity pass through them called?


What makes these materials be insulators?

Electricity is unable to pass through them

What are materials called that stop electricity passing through them?


What are materials called that do not alllow electricity to flow through them?


What books are about electricity?

No, electricity can not move through paper