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Q: What materials do you need for the lotus elise?
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When was Lotus Elise created?

Lotus Elise was created in 1996.

How much for a Lotus Elise?

A lotus Elise around 48 000$ canadian.

When was Zytek Lotus Elise created?

Zytek Lotus Elise was created in 1998.

What is faster the Ferrari or the lotus elise?


What is the car make of the lotus elise?

Lotus is a make all its own. The model would be the elise

What is the top speed of the Lotus Elise S1?

The top speed for Lotus Elise S1 is 126 M.P.H. Lotus Elise S1 is a sports car and is known to be light weight. 111S, 340R, and Exige are the three editions of Series 1 for Lotus Elise.

Is there an automatic transmission for lotus elise?


What is the name of a car starting with E?

Lotus Exige or lotus elise..

How fast does a lotus elise go?


Where can you buy a Lotus Elise car?

Is the Elis made by Ferrari?

no it is a Lotus Elise

How much is a lotus elise?

A 2009 Lotus Elise Convertible (roadster) Pursuit Edition- $43,995 Base- $47,225 and an SC- $54, 990

How many miles per gallon does a Lotus Elise get?

certain models of the elise can get 40mpg

What is the price of a Lotus Elise?

The Lotus Elise ranges in price from the lower $40,000 to almost $60,000. The best place to find the actual cost of the Lotus Elsie you are looking for would be to visit the dealership

How much does a lotus elise cost?

usual 62g

Is Lotus elise a Japanese car?

No. It's British

Is the lotus elise a ten second car?

no, why woudl you ask that?

What are the lightweight British cars in Gran Turismo 5 from PlayStation?

Some of the light weight cars in granturismo 5 are the lotus Elise. There are different versions of the lotus Elise in the game.

Where can used Lotus Elise cars be purchased?

There are many places you can look for Used Lotus Elise cars. In both the United States and the United Kingdom you can find this car listed on Auto Trader.

Where could one find a Lotus Elise for sale?

One can find a Lotus Elise for sale at the website Auto Sales. These also can be found on Ebay, but one needs to be careful they check what they are purchasing.

Is the Lotus Elise priced accurately?

50 to 60 thousand dollar is the average price for a lotus Elise model. The new 2012 Elise model costs an average between 60 to 80 thousand dollars comes in many colors such as white and red.

What year was the Lotus Elise released?

The original Lotus Elise was released in September 1996. It has has several makeovers since then to update the design and add new elements and the latest version announced is one in 2015.

What kind of car is Lotus Exige?

The Lotus Exige is a sports car that features only two seats. It is made and manufactured by Lotus Cars in the year 2000. It is very similar to the Lotus Elise.

Is the Lotus Elise a reliable car?

Not really. It is also very expensive to repair.

How much horsepower does a lotus elise have?

A lotus Elise has a small 4 cyl engine with only 134bhp but does 0.60 in 6 seconds and on to a top speed of 127 it also does 45mpg which is a major bonus for fuel economy