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Q: What materials where showers made up of?
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What types of materials are shower walls made of?

New shower stalls are made of different plastics or fiberglass. Older showers are ceramic tile.

Which three materials are often used for bathroom showers in luxury homes?

Marble, glass and granite are three materials often used in luxury bathroom showers.

Can you get cancer from taking hot showers?

No. You cant get cancer from taking hot showers. It is just a made up thought that people spread.

Materials are made up from?

materials are made up of element which are too small to see!

Are Meteor showers Man made?

Meteor showers are not man made

What creates a meteor showers?

Meteor showers are caused when space debris of any sort (man-made or not) hits the atmosphere and burns up.

What all materials are made of?

All materials are made up of matters called atoms and molecule

What are mountains made up of?

Mountains are made up of Earth and rock materials.

When were showers invented?

The first man made showers were first invented around 1810. Before those, people used natural showers, such as waterfalls.

Is barium natural?

no it is made up of other materials

Is soap made up of wax?

Traditionally it is made up of whale or pig fat, but nowadays it is comprised of many synthetic materials and chemicals, although you can get soaps made from a variety of "natural" materials.

Do showers wake you up?