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What mathematician got killed by an angry mob?

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Giordano Bruno

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What is the collective noun for angry people?

The collective noun for people that are angry is 'a mobof angry people'.

Why does the angry mob assaults Cinna?

Because Cinna is so bamf they got jealous.

What is a angry crowd?

An angry crowd is a mob

Who founded the Mormon Churchand was later killed by an angry mob?

Actually, Christ founded the church, but Joseph Smith restored is and was killed in Carthedge jail.

Why did Adolph Hitler die?

Killed HimselfHe killed himself because he realized that the Germans had lost the war and a mob of angry people were coming to capture and kill him.

The angry mob assaults cinna in Julius Caesar because?

Poor Cinna has the same name as one of the conspirators and is killed for it.

What Of angry people?

The collective nouns are a crowd of angry people or a mob of angry people.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Angry Mob - 2007?

The cast of The Angry Mob - 2007 includes: Kiki Kendrick as Chief Hen

What happened during the Boston Masscare?

An angry mob joined in front of a court house one of the mob members through a rock or something of that nature at a british troop gaurding the building. The british, looking at this as a threat, opened fire on the mob. 5 were killed and 6 were injured.

Why did an angry mob smash the windows of professor James Jeffray?

The angry mob thought that James Jeffray had stolen the body of Janet McAlister for medical research.

Who founded the Mormon church and was later killed by an angry mob?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church) believe that Jesus Christ founded the church. I suppose you could say that he was killed by an angry mob... The person that you are probably thinking of, however, is Joseph Smith, Jr. Joseph Smith is considered the first modern prophet of the Church, and Church members believe that he organized the Church under the direction of Jesus Christ, who founded it. Joseph Smith was shot and killed by an angry mob while awaiting trail on false charges in Carthage Jail in Illinois.

Was there a name of the band of people that killed Joseph smith?

They did not have an official name, as they presumeably had only formed for this single event. The mob is usually called an "Anti-Mormon Mob" or an "Armed Mob", but they were not any official organization, just a group of people who were angry with Joseph Smith or Mormons in general.

Who got shot first in the Boston massacre?

There is no certainty who got shot first, but it is certain that 5 were killed. The british troops, only eight of them total, were being swarmed by an angry mob and out of fear opened fire. All of the soldiers were put on trial for murder but later acquitted, which in retrospect was pretty fair

What prompted King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to leave Versailles and go to Paris?

It was a mob. It was an angry mob. It was a tired, angry and hungry mob. Even worse, it was mob dominated by women. Worse yet, it was armed mob of women with muskets and cannon. Even more deplorable, they had killed in an effort to gain an audience with their Monarch. The King and the Queen were not prompted to reign from Paris, they were ordered to do so by the women on the street. The Women's Bread March on Versailles went well beyond a spontaneous protest about the price of bread and a lack of hope, it was violent revolution in the raw.

How old was Joseph Smith Jr when he died?

Joseph Smith, Jr. was killed by an angry mob at the jail in Carthage, Illinois on June 27, 1844. He was 38 years old.

Who was the founder of Mormon church who was killed by mob?

Joseph Smith, Jr. was the founder of the Mormonism movement. He was killed by a mob in Carthage, Illinois in June 1844.

What happens to Cinna the poet?

he gets killed by a mob

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