What means of oxyzen?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What means of oxyzen?
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Does moon has oxyzen?

No it has no atmosphere.

Which word having xyz?


What challenges did Neil Armstrong faced?

he faced toilet and lack of oxyzen

How many oxygen atoms are present in sulfuric acid?

4 oxyzen atoms

What is the ionisation potential of oxyzen?

Check out the table on this wiki page

What is the connection between trees and human?

a man's lungs takes oxyzen , give it to the heart . the heart uses it and mix it with carbon and forms carbondioxide. man releases this carbondioxide and give it to trees. trees take the carbondi oxide and uses it in the process of photosyn thesis and forms oxyzen and give it to the man .

What is cryogenic tank?

to store extremelycold liquidized gases likehidrozen ,oxyzen and nitrozen in a double covered tank with insulation and vaccum between the two tanks

What things diffuse out of cells?

diffussion of oxyzen means dissociation curve .oxyzen diffussion depends on concentration of corbon dioxide concentration and bmr .if corbon dioxide concentration is increased the diffussion is also increased. if bmr is also high the diffussion of oxyzen in blood is also increase

What are the similarities between human body and animals and plants?

The similarities between manimmal and man are the both are made of cells the both breth and need oxyzen to live

Why a 87 23 won't start after you try for couple of times it eventually does start rough with misfire but as soon you take your foot of gas pedal it dies has new overload protection relay and tuneup?

This is due mostly due to oxyzen sensor. replace it and it should be fine.

What does seacht mean in Gaelic?

It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.It means seven.

What are some prefixes that begin with the letter D?

de- means from, down, outdeca- means tendemi- means halfdi- means two, doubledia- means through acrossdis- means apart, out, notdorn- means sleepdys- means baddin- means terribledino- means terribledeci- means tenth