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What means same sides and same shape?

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if something is same size, same shape means that it is congruent or symmetrical.

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What means the same as similar?

Similar, in geometry, means that the shape has the same angles in degrees as another shape. They do not, however, need to have the same length on their sides.

What sides have shared vertex?

rectangle means same size and shape

What does using symmetry means?

If you put a mirror in the middle of the shape you should have the same shape on either sides.

What is a parallelogram that has the same shape but not the same size?

a parallelogram that has the same shape but not the same size called "similar". This means the angles are equal in both shapes but the sides are different.

What shape with 8 sides all the same length?

An octogan It wouldn't be an octogan unless all the sides were the same length. OCTO means 8

What is regular and irregular shape?

regular shape is a shape that has same sides irregular shape is a shape that has diffrent sides

What does the word congruent means?

congruent means that all sides of the shape or object are equal to each other and are the same.

What does you have 2 pairs of equal adjacent sides mean?

-- "Adjacent" means two sides that meet at the same point. -- "Equal" means they have the same length. -- "Pair" means both of them taken together. -- "2 pairs" means there are two separate groups of same-length sides that meet at the same point. -- The whole statement means that you are a "kite" shape.

What is a crystal and how many faces and sides?

A crystal is a polyhedral shape. The number of faces (which means the same thing as sides) depends on the crystal.

What shape can be made by combining a square and a triangle?

An irregular* pentagon *means that the sides are not all the same length

What is a regular polygon shape?

It's a shape with many sides where all the sides are the same length.

Which shape has only 2 sides the same length?

it is called a isosceles shape if iT only has 2 sides that have the same exact length

If two triangles are congruent statements must be true?

It means they have the same size and shape, corresponding sides have the same length and corresponding angles are the same.

What is an equilateral equiangular quadrilateral called?

It is called a square. The clues: equilateral means all sides are of equal length; equiangular means all angles are of the same degrees; quadrilateral means the shape has four sides. The only shape that qualifies is a rectangle [includes squares.]

What shape has the two the sides the same length and it's four sided shape?

A four-sided shape with only 2 sides the same length is called a rhombus.

Is a parallelogram a congruent side shape?

I'm not sure what a "congruent side shape" means. Every parallelogram must have two pair of congruent sides. That means two sides have equal length, and the other two sides also have equal length, but the two lengths don't have to be the same.

What shape has all sides and angles that are different?

A scalene triangle is a shape that has no sides or angles with the same measurements.

What shape has 3 sides and no corners?

That's impossible, because if a shape has sides, then it means it has corners, and vice versa.

What shapes are rhombuses?

they are a shape with 4 sides and the sides are not the same lenth

Are all the sides to a pentagon the same size?

Yes,all of the sides of a polygon are the same shape.

What does a regular shape mean?

a shape with all there sides the same legth

What is a irregular 2D shape?

a shape that's sides a not the same length and angles are not the same degree

Which quad means a playground with 4 sides?

A quadrilateral shape has 4 sides

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