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What is the oject that separates light into different colors?

A prism.

What oject equals a kilogram?

I don't know. So sorry.

What is it called when an oject has no symmetry?

When it has no symmetry the object is called asymmetrical.

The measure of how much matter there is in an oject or substance?

That's called the mass.

Which oject is at the center of the solar system?

a black hole, but you cant see it

When the only force acting on a falling object is gravity the oject is said to be?

in free fall

Is the image seen through the microscope oriented the same way as the oject on the stage of the microscope?

It is the reverse.

Is Pluto a kuiper belt object?

Pluto is a kuiper belt oject it is one of the biggest KBO

What is the path followed by a celestial body or satellite as it revolves around a more massive oject?

That is its orbit.

What is an indigenous satellite?

The moon could be an example of this. It is an oject that is not man made orbiting another object.

When an oject changes positions over time relative to a reference point the object is what?

the object is moving relative to that point.

What is circuit conductor?

its is an oject that can be used in a cicuit board, this object should allow an electric current to flow through it

What are popular coding systems?

1.modular approach 2.oject oriented approach 3.procedural approach

How are mass and weight interrelated?

W = m * g Weight of an object equals the mass of the oject multiplied by the gravitaional constant

Does an uncharged oject always move towards a charged object?

They don't always move, but there's always a force of attraction between them.

Oject in space that gives off signals that are used to determine your positon on earth are called?

it called GPC (Global Positioning Satellites)

What is the net force acting on a falling oject when it reaches it terminal velocity?

Air resistance equals the pull of gravity, so essentially zero.

What objects are non-luminous?

An non-luminous object can be any oject that doesn't produce light, e.g. wood, metal, plastics, etc.

Can an object have momentum without speed?

An object can not have momentum with out speed because speed is what gives an oject it's momentum. Here is the equasion for momentum; momentum (P) = Mass (M) x Speed (V). So P=MV. This means without speed you have no momentum. Hope I helped, 2000AD

What is a measure of force of gravity on an oject?

When the object is in a normal every-day situation on Earth or another planet, that's the force we usually call the object's "weight".

What is all eukaryotic cells have membrane-covered compartments called that form when part of the cell membrane surrounds an oject and pinches off?

Its the vesicle/transport vacuole.

Does shape matter when dropping objects?

when the oject is falling with resistence shape matters because less the surface area more the pressure less the resistence more the acceleration.

What is the relationship between heavy objects an inertia?

Nothing specifically. Inertia is a proprety of matter (as you may know from the Bill Nye the Science Guy intro), and just because there is more mass to an oject doesn't really mean that it would have more inertia. However, other forces such as friction and gravity are spread over an oject, so there would be more friction due to the mass and more downwards force because of gravity + the mass.

What is the weight of an oject that has a mass of 40kg?

Weight(W)=mass(M)* acceleration due to gravity(g) which is =9.8ms^2 therefore,weight of 40kg is w=40 * 9.8 w=392N

Oject connected to a network is know as what?

The answer to this question depends on HOW the device is used on the network. If the device is used to store data from other computers it is called a server. If it is used to access data from other computers or the server it is called a client.