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Volume is measured in liters, cubic centimeters, cubic meters, fluid ounces, quarts, pints, gallons, barrels, cubic inches, cubic feet, cubic yards, and many other units.

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Q: What measurements measure volume?
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What is a technique used to measure volume?

To measure volume one measure the length, width and height of the container. Then multiply the measurements to get the volume.

What is measure of volume?

Centimeters cubed or cubic inches are both measurements of volume.

How do you measure the volume of a cube without any measurements?


What do cubic measurements measure?

Volume is measured in cubic measurements, such as m3, cm3, ft3, etc... .

What measurements must you make to find the density of a matter?

you must measure the mass and volume.

What are two measurements needed to find density and what is the formula to find density?

Measure the mass and the volume. Then divide the volume by the mass.

How much is 26.0 cu.ft in feet?

Cubic feet is a measure of volume and feet is just a measure of length. They are not comparable measurements.

How do you measure volume in kiloliters?

The method used would be the same as that used to measure the volume of any item. For convenience in calculations, metric units should be used for all measurements.

How many mililiters in a meter?

None. There are two completely different types of measurements. Liters measure volume. Meters measure length.

What do square measurements measure?

square measurements. measure area

How many kilometers make 1 liter?

Kilometers cannot be converted to liters. Kilometers are a measure of distance. Liters are a measure of volume.Kilometres are linear measurements whilst litres are volume measurements so are incompatible.

What measurements would you need to compare the volume?

You would need to have volume measurements.

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