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What medication would you need to fix a punctured nasal cavity?

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You need to see a doctor and they will send you to a specialist. Don't fool around with this as you could make it worse.

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Which bone would you find the paranasal cavity in?


What is a posterior epistaxis?

This would be a nosebleed from the back/upper portion of your nasal cavity.

What would happen if you punctured your chest cavity and why?

Most often, a pneumothorax ensues (usually what is termed a sucking chest wound).

What bones are broken in the nose and nasal cavity?

For the most part the nose is just cartilage and the bone that would break is the Vomer.

Where is the olfactory nerve located?

Since olfactory refers to the sense of smell, the olfactory nerve would be located in the nose, or nasal cavity.

What is the purpose of mucous in the nasal cavity?

to keep everything moist because if it is not kept wet then your body would basically dry up

How long after rhinoplasty can you resume smoking weed?

Technically not for a while because of the inflamation in the nasal cavity, however I personally would resume that evening. To celebrate.

What is the snow leopards enlarged nasal cavity for?

The nasal captivity is used to warm the air in their lungs. So when a snow leopard breathes in the cold breeze of its habitat, their nasal immediately warms the air into their lungs. If a Snow Leopard didn't have this adjustment then they would probably die from the coldness of the mountain chill.

If no molecules in a body could escape would the body have any odor?

No, it is the minute molecules in the air that we detect in our nasal cavity and if there were no molecules given off then etc

What is the difference between an upper respiratory tract infection and a lower respiratory tract infection?

The primary difference is the location of the infection. An upper respiratory tract infection would include infection of the nose, nasal cavity, nasal and paranasal sinuses, and the larynx and pharynx. A lower respiratory tract infection would include infection of the trachea, bronchi or bronchial tree, and the lungs or pleural cavity.

Would a lung punctured in the thoracic cavity still inflate?

in my case i had 2 phneomothoraxes and a lobectomy,they then had to staple my lung to my rib because it wouldn't stay inflated,now stapled it is inflated so answer yes and no

Does afrin contain antihistamines?

Yes, it does. 80% of all nasal sprays contain antihistamines. Antihistamines are the active ingredient in the medication. Reading the leaflet included with the medication or asking your pharmacist would also provide you with this information.

How does the mucus lining in the nasal cavity help in smell detection?

The air carrying the smell would dissolve in it and hence it changes to electrical signals which goes to the olfactory lobes.

The upper respiratory tract includes?

The upper respiratory tract consists of all the parts above the larynx. This would include the throat, nasal cavity, sinus cavities, and the nose.

What would happen if the pleural membrane was punctured?

If the pleural membrane is punctured, inhaled air will escape the lung that is punctured, causing the patient to have difficulty breathing. The oxygen concentration in the blood will also be diminished which could lead to brain damage.

What body cavity would the rectum be?

Pelvic cavity

What body cavity would have to be open for an appendectomy?

The abdominopelvic cavity would have to be opened for an appendectomy.

Which body cavity would be opened for removal of the brain?

That would be the cranium or cranial cavity.

Which one would be the heavier tire air tire or punctured tire?

There would be no detectable difference.

What body cavity would a liver be located?

thoracic cavity

What is the main cavity of the uterus?

Although, there is also the cervical cavity, but since you were asking for the "main" cavity, I would say it's the uterine cavity.

Can you pull your brain out through your nose?

Yes it is possible; however, your brain would not be in one piece and it would possibly be in the form of a liquid. The Egyptians used this method to remove the brain when mummifying a body. They had a hook and would break into the skull through the nasal cavity and pull out the brain.

Which body cavity would have to be open for removal of the womb?

ventral cavity

What body cavity would the brain be located?

what cavity is the brain located?

Is it normally for the doctor to punctured your uterus and your bowel during a d and c?

No. That would not be normal.