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What medicines can make birth control ineffective?


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Majority of antibiotics will decrease the effectiveness of birth control. Detox kits and weight loss pills can also be a risk to Birth Control.

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No. There are very few medications that have an effect on BCP.

Antibiotics can make birth control pills ineffective, but you cannot get pregnant JUST by taking them, you have to also have sex.

Antibiotics will completely eliminate the usefulness of a birth control pill. A secondary source, such as condoms, should be used while on antibiotics to continue the prevention of pregnancy. Usually the medical information on the birth control package states which medicines will interfere with the product.

No you don't need to, but remember antibiotics make the pill ineffective.

Pregnancy can occur while on birth control for a few reasons. One reason is other medications canceling out the effectiveness of birth control. Some antibiotics and other medications are known to make birth control ineffective. Pregnancy can also occur if the birth control is taken incorrectly. Also, if the birth control is making the recipient ill, and the birth control is being vomited back up, then it will not be effective.

Yes! A person can still get pregnant if they are on birth control. This may occur for a couple of different reasons. One reason is taking other medications. Other medications such as antibiotics may make the birth control ineffective. Also, misuse of birth control may be a reason. Also if the birth control is making the recipient ill, and the birth control is vomited up, it will not be effective.

It depends on the medications you are also taking. Antibiotics will effect how birth control work.

Taking any antibiotics can make your pills ineffective. You should always use alternative birth control while on antibiotics (and through your next full cycle).

Yes. Other antibiotics will do the same thing, along with St. John's Wort. Be very careful in taking medications with birth control pills!

Not taking them is the biggest reason behind BCP failure. Antibiotics used to control TB can have an effect on hormones and some medications to control seizures or St Johns Wart a herbal mood drug.

No. Birth control prevents pregnancy. it does not make pregnancy easier.

There is no birth control with such an effect.

Can birth control pills make women more fertile?

No. birth control pills do not make you infertile.

Birth control pills can make you miss your period, but I do not think you can loose your baby.

birth control can make your stomach upset, yes.

You should not be self medicating. Your medicines should be prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor) who, having examined you, knows what is wrong with you and what medicines you need to make you better. The doctor will know which medicines are safe to use together. If you take antibiotics when they are not needed, you effectively contribute to these medicines becoming ineffective for everyone in the future, don't do it!.

It can do yes and this is one of the side effects of birth control. It will usually cease when you've been on birth control for 3 + months.

Birth control pills do not cause infertility.

Birth control pills are for reducing, not increasing, fertility.

It is hard to make antiviral medicines because viruses have a high tendency to mutate rapidly. Antiviral medications like the flu vaccine, are tailored specifically to one strain of the virus. As soon as the virus mutates it is no longer the same strain, thus rendering the antiviral ineffective.

The birth control patch normally makes a woman's period shorter and lighter. This change happens with all hormonal birth control.

A girl starts taking birth control at age 11 will this make her more promiscus.

no. birth control stimulates your hormones so you do not ovulate while having sex.

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