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Q: What meds clear up bactieria vaginosis?
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Can bacterial Vaginosis clear up on its own?

Yes, bacterial vaginosis can clear up on its own. If you are pregnant, planning a surgery or procedure in the vagina, or are having pain or abnormal bleeding, seek treatment sooner.

What can a man take for Bacterial Vaginosis?

Other than a DNA test to confirm gender...? Soap and water should be sufficient to clear up a minor bacteria infection. If it doesn't clear up within a day or two then contact a doctor and they might prescribe an antibiotic. Yeast infections are often mistaken for Bacterial Vaginosis. Since BV is typically a condition only women suffer from, a yeast infection should be completely ruled out before assuming a man has "BV."

Can bacterial vaginosis cause a high globulin level?

Bacterial vaginosis will not cause a high globulin level. Follow up with your health care provider for accurate diagnosis and treatment of any problems you're having.

Do antiviral Meds like valtrex show up on a five panel drug screen?

No. The antiviral Meds like valtrex will not show up on a five panel drug screen.

Is bv a STI?

No, and yes.Bacterial Vaginosis is an overgrowth in harmful bacteria in the vagina, it doesn't require sexual contact to contract Bacterial Vaginosis as it can occur whenever vaginal pH or flora is out of balance. Sex can however increase risks of Bacterial Vaginosis by introducing bacteria into the vagina and changing pH. Bacterial infections can be passed between partners, so although a male may not have the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis they can end-up with a bacterial infection from their partner.

How do you get ear mites out of your cat with going to the doc?

If your cat has ear mites, take it to the local vet and they will give you meds that you yourself have to apply directly in their ears. It takes up to 1-2 weeks for the mites to clear out.

What prescribe drugs shows up on a 5 panel urine test?

Oxycodone(percocet, oxycontin, roxycodone ect) benzos( zanax, ativan. Vailium ect). . Some narcotic sleeping meds like ambien...basicly any meds that are controled substances...BUT most of these clear the system in 3 to 6 days. Muke and laura

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What is rate of absorption?

This is how fast or slow that something is taken up. If you take meds, they are not taken up (absorbed) immediately.

How many times can you reheat pork?

You can reheat it again as long as it is really hot, but make sure you only do it once. As the more times you heat it up, the more the bactieria in it will develop, but are ok to do it once.

Your sm dog has a lung infection and cough what can you do for the cough in between meds?

this has happened to me before several time in fact. what i did was massage the throat area and do this at least a few times every day. soon along with the medicine it will soon clear up.

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Sometimes your lungs will not clear up, but in other cases, they can clear up after 10 or so years.

Will diuretics cause meds to not show up in a drug test?

No. They will just make you pee more.

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Up to the 9th week you can have a medical abortion and after that a surgical. You get the meds at the clinic.

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How do you clear a warrant up in state of Florida and Georgia

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opiates (narcotics, e.g. morphine- same class of meds)

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you lick them

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