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Steel metal

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Q: What metal is a lightning rod made of?
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What was the lightning rod made of?


Why is a lightning rod made of metal?

Because metal is a great conductor

What a lightning rod?

A lightning rod is a metal rod placed in various structures to prevent lightning from striking them. It attracts the lightning to itself, and it is channeled into the ground.

What is a pointed metal object that attracts lightning?

A lightning rod.

Would the plastic lightning rod work better than the same as or not as well as a metal lightning rod?

Most plastic does not conduct electricity well and will not work as well as a metal lightning rod.

How does a lightning rod help guide the electric current?

lightning rods help you because of the metal in the rod

When was the lightning rod made?

The lightning rod was first thought of in 1770 and was actually made in 1772 ~silence dogood~

How do you make lightning on the alchemy game?

Umm lightning rod? Thunder storm and metal

What impact did the invention of lightning rod have on society?

The lightning rod enabled people to have a system that prevented their house from being struck by lightning. It is a metal rod that prevented lightning from striking. Instead of striking the target it bounced off the rod and into the ground.

Why is it particularly dangerous for a golfer to swing a metal golf club during a thunderstorm?

Because the actual golf club is made of metal and metal will attract lightning like a lightning rod and electricute you. I am super awesome and smart right!!

What do they use on building so lightning doesnt strike it?

Usally a metal rod on top of the buliding to attract the lightning

Are lightning rod or plastic better metal lightning rods?

For a lightning conductor, we need an electrical conductor, so the iron would be superior.

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