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Originally pennies were made of copper. They are now made mainly of zinc.

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What is the element zinc used for?

It is used for making pennies.

Are all pennies made of the same metal?

Well depending if your talking about all the different country's pennies, then Im not sure. But I do know that the pennies made in Canada and the states are. The main metal in these pennies are copper, and copper is worth more then what the penny is worth, so sometime in the near future they will atop making pennies.

Is copper a coinage metal?

Yes, Copper is used in us Pennies.

How is zinc used today?

Zinc is used for Canadian nickels and the cores of Canadian pennies (i dont know about the US). Pennies are made from Zinc cores and coated with copper. Its cheaper than making pennies out of copper. (They used to make pennies out of copper, but they stopped because people would get pennies and melt them down and sell the copper for profit :D ) -Besides being used as a filler metal, zinc is widely used in corrosion management. It is used in paint, to coat metals, and as anodes on the bottom of boats. It also is used in vitamins.

What metal is used for pipies?

copper metal is ussualy used for making pipes

Should the U.S treasury keep making pennies?

I say yes. Here's why:Pennies support donationsPennies can be collected or used in the penny squisher machines and collectedPennies are part of historyIf the U.S. Mint stops making pennies, prices will have to be rounded to the nearest nickel and buyers will have to spend more money(U.S. Treasury does not make coins and making them or not is Congress' decision

Which metal is used for making wire?

Mostly "COPPER" is used in making wires

Why do the new pennies have less mass than the old pennies?

The newer pennies have a different proportion of metal

What is the nature of material used for making permanent magnets?

Alnico is the usual metal used in making permanent magnets. The material should metal and can be polarized.

Where are pennies made?

Pennies are made mostly in Philadelphia and Denver. The process of making pennies is called minting.

Which metal is electroplated on iron and is used for making utensils?

aluminium is the metal which is electroplated on iron for making utensils for storage of food

Which metal is used to make varakh?

copper is used in making varakh

Which metal is used in making a propeller?

Different kinds of metal can be used in making a propeller. Marine propellers are made from aluminum and stainless steel since they are corrosion resistant.

Why are metals used for making electrical cables?

aluminium is used for making electrical cables as the metal do not melt easily

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