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It depends what do you plan on looking at and what type of microscope do you want? Also what quality do you want as in what magnifications will suffice: 5X, 10X, 40X....Typical light microscopes can go up to 40X but many of them costs above $1000.00 dollars and require microscopic slides and usually squishing the organisms. If you want to look at organisms live, you may want to to get a dissecting scope which can cost up to $900 dollars. Any microscope below $500 is useless. As for electron microscopes, they cost up to 1 million dollars and are only used at Institutions (or if you're a billionaire then go right ahead), they also require a constant water supply to the electron chamber and a critical point drier and gold sputter to prepare the specimens.

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What should microscope slides be placed on?

Microscope slides should be placed on the stage of the microscope.

When carrying the microscope you should use?

when you carrying a microscope you should use your hands

Where to buy a microscope?


Part of a microscope that should be used when carried?

The Microscope should be carried under the base,( the bottom) of the microscope, and by the 'neck' of the microscope.hope that helps yaits acctually arm

Where can I buy a microscope camera?

If you want to buy a microscope camera you can check Amazon ( Amazon offers many types of microscope cameras from different brands. You can check it which one is suitable to your budget.

What two parts should you hold when you carry a microscope?

You should hold the arm and the base of the microscope.

Where can you buy a microscope?

wal-mart. they have everything!

What two parts should hands be on when carrying a microscope?

your hands should be on the arm of the microscope and under the base

What should you do with the objective lenses when you put a microscope away?

you leave it in the microscope

What should be done when you are done with a microscope?

Remove your eyes from the eyepiece of the microscope.

If you carry a microscope from one part of the room to another by what two parts should it be carried?

The Microscope should be carried under the base,( the bottom) of the microscope, and by the 'neck' of the microscope. The neck is actually called the arm if you want the accurate term for it. So, yes, it should be carried by the base and the arm, or 'neck', of the microscope. xD

Where can one buy a cheap microscope camera?

There are many websites that you can purchase an inexpensive microscope camera. Decide on what features you want on the microscope camera and work that way.

What microscope should be used to view an e coli cell?

Light Microscope

How should a microscope should be carried?

By the bottom and by the neck.

What is the function of arm in microscope?

The purpose of the arm is to connect the tube to the base of the microscope. When carrying a microscope you should always have one hand holding the "arm" of the microscope and one supporting the base of the microscope.

Which microscope should be ued for a virus is 50nm in size and why?

A Tunneling Electron Microscope will be required.

A virus is 50 nanometers in size which of microscope should be used to view it?

The electron microscope.

Where should you not touch a microscope?

The lens

What kind of microscope should you use to look at the external surface of a carpenter bee?

Stereo Microscope

Where can you buy a Zeiss Microscope 135H?

All Ziess microscope models for sale from Ziess (in NY)... You can buy them direct.

What is the proper way to carry the microscope in lab?

A microscope should be carried with two hands. One hand should grasp the arm and the other should support it under the base.

What microscope is used for observing yeast mitochondria?

Light microscope cannot be used. An electron microscope houl b used

How should you clean the lenses of a microscope?


How should one handle a microscope?

With your hands.

What are two procedures should be used to properly handle a light microscope?

state 2 procedures should be used to properly handle a light microscope