What might an electric room heater be used for?

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An electric room heater may be used to heat a room when it is cold, they are commonly used in the winter. An electric room heater may also be used to discharge the heat outside and keep the house cool.

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Q: What might an electric room heater be used for?
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What are the features of an efficient electric heater?

The main feature of an efficient electric heater is, that is used up to 30% less engery than a conventional electric heater. This reduces the cost of the heater.

The element of an electric heater is made of?

the heating element used in electric heaters is made of nichrome.

Is electric heater harmful for health?

If it is used properly there is no harm to health.

What is the average room size that any average heater works best at?

About 100 square feet is the averge room size for a heater to be used.

What are the benefits of a fireplace grate heater?

A grate heater can be used to make a wood burning fireplace more efficient at heating a home. Fireplaces often use electric fans to blow the heat into the room. Grate heaters use much less electricity than traditional electric fans.

Can electric energy be used as fuel?

Why, yes ! You can run wires with some resistance around the periphery of a room, connect the wires to a source of electrical energy, and use the energy dissipated by the wires to heat the room. That arrangement is called a "baseboard heater".

What is electric water heater which used in house?

An electric water heater in a hot tank is called an immersion heater and many of those run at 3 kW with a thermostat to control the max temperature. Power showers use a type of water heater that heats the water at the point where it is used, without a tank. They run at 6-8 kW and are also controlled by a thermostat.

What elements are used in an electric heater filament?

Inside a heater element is aluminium oxide for insulation and it surrounds a nickel resistance wire.

Which energy transfers are used in electric coil of a baseboard heater?

Conduction and Radiation - NOVANET

What is the ampere draw of a 5000 watt electric heater used on 120 volts?


What is a water heater?

It is a gas operated or electric operated appliance used to heat water.

What is the ampere draw of a 5000-watt electric heater used on 120 volts?


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