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It might bend if it transfers from one medium to another, or when it hits another object. Hope this helps.

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when it is very cold outside

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Q: What might cause light to stop traveling in a straight line?
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What might cause the speed of light to vary?

The speed of light varies depending on what kind of material it's traveling through. It's fastest when in vacuum, and it's different, and slower, in air, water, alcohol, oil, glass, jello, etc.

What happens when light hits something opaque?

the light will stop going straight and it might observe the metrial

What is light traveling though an object called?

If light travels through an object, it is still called light. If you want to specify, you might say "light travelling through an object".

Heat waves traveling at the speed of light are called?

Heat waves traveling at the speed of light are called RADIATION! :)

How does light rays always travel?

In straight lines (well, "geodesic" might be a better term), and at the speed of light in the medium they're in.

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Explain how polarized light is different from non-polarized light.?

In polarized light, the plane of the electrical (and magnetic) oscillations is the same for all photons (particles of light). For example, if the light is traveling away from you, all photons might have electrical oscillations that go up and down.

Why do light waves travel faster in empty air than in matter?

I believe it might be because the light has nothing to reflect off of so it would travel in a straight line

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