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What might cause power to go off and on in the second floor when nothing is on but not in the first floor and the breaker is not tripped?


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2004-12-11 09:22:54
2004-12-11 09:22:54

Call an electrician quick- and switch off the breaker for that circuit. It sounds as if there is a loose connection somewhere, and possible fire hazard.


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The start capacitor could be bad. Is the Breaker tripped? Do you have a timer? Is it working properly?

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The dryer tripped the breaker. Have it repaired. Don't try to use it again. You could cause a fire.

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Yes, a blown fuse can cause your furnace to not turn on. Check the breaker box and see if any of them have tripped.

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It is possible if the circuit breaker has tripped or is faulty. The best way to check is by unplugging the air conditioner, and plugging in a table lamp. If the lamp lights up, then you know that the circuit breaker is working, if not then it is faulty.

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