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Call an electrician quick- and switch off the breaker for that circuit. It sounds as if there is a loose connection somewhere, and possible fire hazard.

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Q: What might cause power to go off and on in the second floor when nothing is on but not in the first floor and the breaker is not tripped?
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What could cause the pool to not come on?

The start capacitor could be bad. Is the Breaker tripped? Do you have a timer? Is it working properly?

Did my dryer trip the breaker or vice versa when I turned the breaker back on but now the dryer won't work?

The dryer tripped the breaker. Have it repaired. Don't try to use it again. You could cause a fire.

Could fuse be out to cause furnace not to go on?

Yes, a blown fuse can cause your furnace to not turn on. Check the breaker box and see if any of them have tripped.

What would be the cause and solution of partial electricity going out if wires may have touched when fixing a closet switch?

Blown fuse or tripped breaker. Replace the fuse or reset the breaker.

Will a circuit breaker be the cause of an air conditioner not turning on?

It is possible if the circuit breaker has tripped or is faulty. The best way to check is by unplugging the air conditioner, and plugging in a table lamp. If the lamp lights up, then you know that the circuit breaker is working, if not then it is faulty.

Can a motorized lift chair cause a breaker to trip?

A breaker trips because the circuit load has tried to draw more current that the circuit is designed to operate at. You have to establish what the total current draw of the device is. This can be found on the manufactures label. There it will state what the normal amperage draw is for the specific piece of equipment. If the breaker has tripped, look for the cause and rectify the problem before resetting the breaker. If you found the problem and corrected the cause, the breaker will reset and stay in the on position.

When a circut breaker is tripped can it cause a short?

When an more than rated current passes through it, because of short in equipments or mal functioning of equipments the mcb gets tripped. The reason is magnetic contact in mcb is rated and when that rating exceeds the contact may disconnect

Thud under house then some electric stopped working?

Probably a wire shorted out. Probably in a junction box. This should be looked at quickly. If this is the case, the breaker or a fuse in the fuse panel should have tripped. Do not just reset the breaker or fuse as this may cause a fire.

What is an example of cause and effect?

she tripped > and hurt her knee

What would cause the outside unit not to kick on when the blower unit starts?

disconnect beside unit may have blown fuse or tripped breaker,contactor in outside unit may be bad,or no coolant in system

What will cause a breaker for a elevator to keep tripping?

A bad breaker

What may cause breaker instantaneously trip?

A short circuit on the system will cause a breaker instantaneously trip.

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