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Q: What might have happened if America had not entered the war?
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What happened World War 2 1941?

America entered the war

When did America entered World War 2?

actually they entered into world war 2 only a few days after the attack on pearl harbor not they day it happened because they had to prepare for war they couldn't go into war unprepared!!!

What was the official reason the us entered the war?

The u.s. Intercepted a German telegram to Mexico that promised to help Mexico reconquer it's losses to America in the Mexican American war and America decided to stop Germany before this happened.

What day was war world II?

WWII was fought in a span of 6 years. It wasn't on just one day. America entered the war after Pearl Harbor which happened on December 7, 1941.

Why did America go to war World War 1?

The US entered the war for a variety of reasons

When America entered the war controlled most of Europe.?


When America Entered World War 2?

December 1941

What did america do about the Attack on Pearl Harbor?

America declared war on Japan and entered WW2.

How might the war have been different if great Britain had entered the war?

They did enter the war.

How was America's approach to the world different after World War 2 from is approach to the world after World War 1?

america entered the war after pearl harbor

Who was president when America entered world war 11?

Tyrin Kemp

Who controlled most of Europe when America entered the war?