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It means that something bad will happen to the family or whoever is in there during the storm

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Q: What might the gathering storm mean at the end of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry mean?
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Can thunder always be heard?

well, if your far away then no. you wouldn't be able to hear the thunder. if how ever, you are close to the thunder storm you will hear thunder.

How do you know if a thunder storm will be coming?

you can hear noises!

If you can hear thunder are you close enough to get struck by lightng in a thunder storm?

yes u can still be struck by lighting, if you can hear it or not.

What sounds does timothy hear that indicate that a storm is coming?


Why do you see thunder after you see the flash of lightning?

You don't see thunder. You hear thunder. You hear thunder after seeing the lightning because light travels faster than sound. The further the storm away is, the bigger the time between when you see the lightning and hear the thunder.

Can you calculate storm distance between thunder claps?

If you count the number of seconds from when you see the flash of lightening to when you hear the thunder, you will have a rough estimate as how far the storm is.

How long after you see lightning can you hear thunder?

It depends on how far away the storm is

Why during a thunder storm you see lightning first then you hear thunder?

Because light travels faster than sound

What happens when there is lightning but no thunder?

Thunder is the sound caused by lightning, there is always thunder with lightning. If you cannot hear thunder maybe that is because you are too far away from the storm.

How far is lightning when you hear thunder?

Right when you hear thunder start counting by seconds. When you see lightning, whatever number you got to is how many miles away the storm is.

What do you hear first during a thunder storm thunder or lightning?

One cannot hear lightning. The sound that lightning causes is the the thunder. You can see the flash of lightning before you hear the sound because light travels much faster than sound. Sometimes the lightning is obscured by the clouds so you do not see the flash but you hear the sound , so you might think you heard the sound first.

Why do you hear thunder but do not see lightning?

You don't....... You always will see lightning before you hear thunder unless the storm it came from is very very far away, which would mean that the thunder would b extremly loud.The lightning moves so fast you cant realy hear the thunder, but it is there

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