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It is the same as table salt: NaCl. Sodium Chloride. It is an evaporite. Rock salt is composed of the 'mineral' Halite.

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What kind of mineral does a rock salt have?

Rock Salt is composed of NaCl or it also known as the mineral Halite or it is chemically called sodium chloride

Is salt a rock or a mineral?

Table salt is the mineral halite. Rock salt is a sedimentary rock.

Did rock salt come from halite?

Rock salt (the chemical sedimentary rock), is composed mainly of the mineral halite. Rock salt forms when sediments and fluids which are saturated in dissolved salt, are subject to evaporation. The sediments and precipitated halite form rock salt.

is rock salt a rock or mineral?


What is mineral rock salt made out of?

Mineral rock salt is a form of sodium chloride which is table salt.

What rock or mineral makes salt?

Rock salt

Is a limestone a rock or mineral?

Limestone is a rock, composed mainly of the mineral calcite.

What kind of rock is rock salt?

Rock salt is a sedimentary mineral.

Contrast a rock and mineral?

A rock is composed of two or more MINERALS, and a mineral is composed of one type of substance, like copper.

Is basalt an element a mineral or a rock?

Basalt is a rock composed of minerals which are composed of elements.

What mineral is in the wave rock?

the mineral is salt

Where do you get rock salt from?

Rock salt is a mineral (halite) extracted from salt mines.

Is rock salt a chemical rock?

Yes, rock salt is a mineral (halite) not a rock.

What minerals are in table salt?

Table salt is composed of the mineral halite.

Can a mineral be composed of a rock?

No, rocks are composed of minerals, not vice versa.

Is calcite a rock or a mineral?

Calcite is a mineral, composed of calcium carbonate.

What type of rock is composed of quartz?

it is a mineral

Why is rock not a mineral?

Rocks are composed of minerals.

What is salt used for in rock salt?

Rock salt is sodium chloride; the mineral has the name halite.

Is marble a mineral or rock?

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock, composed primarily of the mineral calcite or dolomite.

What rock is usually composed of several different mineral?

Rock gypsum

Is Quartzite a mineral?

No. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock composed primarily of the mineral quartz.

Which pair of rocks could be composed of only one mineral?

dunite and rock salt. dunite only compose of only olivine and rock salt contain only halite (earth science reference table)

What mineral is salt?

Halite. It is commonly known as rock salt, or salt.

Is chalk a mineral or non mineral?

Chalk is a sedimentary rock composed of the skeletal remains of tiny marine organisms and is composed mainly of the mineral calcite. As such, chalk is not a mineral.