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There is no specific mention of minerals being found near Krakatoa, which is an active volcano in Indonesia. However, the region around Krakatoa is part of the Sunda Arc, which is known for its rich mineral deposits. These mineral resources include gold, copper, silver, and tin.

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insigneous rock, and carbon in solid form/ dimonds.

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Q: What minerals are found near Krakatoa?
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What minerals are found in Krakatoa?

Gold, Gold, and more Gold.

Is usually found near a volcano?

Igneous rocks and volcanic minerals are usually found near a volcano.

What minerals are formed in Krakatoa?

gold, gold, and more gold

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Is it called Mt Krakatoa or Krakatoa?

Either is correct. Krakatoa, or Krakatau, is a volcano near the Indonesian island of Rakata in western Indonesia, and it is also referred to as Mt Krakatoa.

Is Krakatoa near a ocean or landlocked?

Krakatoa is an island in the Sunda Strait, which is connected to the Indian Ocean.

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Is moscow near Krakatoa?

No. They are nowhere near each other. Moscow is in eastern Russia. Krakatoa is more than 5,700 miles away in Indonesia.

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