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it is not made, it is found!

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What are gold silver iron ore copper and tin made of?

Ill answer them in order of how you asked, gold, silver, iron oxide mixed in a rock with various other minerals, copper and tin

How are gold copper and silver similar?

They are all minerals.

What class of minerals do gold silver and copper belong to?

Gold, Silver and Copper belong to the native elements mineral group.

Minerals of Arizona?

* Copper * Silver * Gold * Uranium * Turquoise

What are some metal minerals?

aluminum, iron, copper and silver

What minerals were important to the growth of Arizona?

Gold, Silver and Copper.

What minerals do Arizona have?

gold, copper, silver, uranium, and turquios.

What are Michigan's minerals?

Gypsum, iron, gold, limestone, silver, and copper are Michigan's mined minerals.

What are some common metallic minerals?

Copper, gold, and silver are some common metallic minerals.

What minerals are found in Netherlands?

minerals such as gold diamonds copper silver and iron are found in holland

Is a penny a mineral?

Not "A" mineral, but the material it is made from is derived from several minerals. Pennies used to be made from pure copper or silver, which technically qualify as native metallic minerals, but these days pennies are made from cheaper metals like zinc, then plated with copper. price comparison in link below.

What coins are made from what minerals?


Minerals found in the Philippines?

The Philippines has many minerals that are found in this country. These minerals are, copper, gold, chromite, gravel, platinum, and silver.

Metallic minerals in the Philippines and province can be found?

gold chromite silver copper

What class of minerals do gold silver and copper belong too?

They are native elements.

Why are electrical wires made of copper and not silver?

copper is cheaper. silver does work better though.

What minerals are in a dime?

Not minerals, but metals. United States dimes (and quarters) have, since 1965, been composed of 91.667% copper and 8.333% nickel. Prior to that date, they were composed of 90% silver and 10% copper with minor variations in percentages prior to the Civil War. Half dollars made since 1971 are also made of copper-nickel.

What type of minerals are in the Andes mountains?

There are many minerals in the Andes, but the main ones are: Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, and Tin

What minerals are in gold?

Gold may be pure, or contain silver and copper in varying amounts.

What are the types of minerals found in the Philippines?

gold, silver, and copper, rubies and some diamonds.

What minerals were found in ancient Greece?

timber, stone copper and silver in le mountains

What are some examples of minerals the occur as elements instead of compounds?

Copper, silver, and gold.

What is an 1879 US silver dollar made of?

It is made of 90% silver and 10% copper.

Are copper and silver elements or compounds?

Copper and Silver are both elements. However the copper and silver objects you find in everyday life are unlikly to be 100% pure copper or silver. These objects will be made with copper or silver alloyed to other metals to improve its properties or decrease its cost.

What are metallic minerals?

Native metals are minerals. The only metals that commonly occur in native form are copper, silver, gold, and platinum.