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There is a few minerals in cameras but just a couple of the are : Quartz (in the lense) Zinc (also in the lense),Glass wich is made from snad (not sure if that's a mineral LoL) mmKay ask someone else for the other answers.

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What raw materials are used in making digital cameras?

d d

Are histograms used in digital cameras?

I know Sony includes them in their older digital cameras. eD

What did people do before digital cameras?

they used film cameras

How were digital cameras used in the past?

with your finger

How can digital cameras be used for Graphics?

your bum

What are digital cameras used for?

used to take pictures and videos

What does SLR stand for in digital SLR cameras?

Digital SLR referes to "digital single-lens reflex." This terminology is often used when speaking about cameras. Such cameras can allow the photographer to change lenses as he or she sees fit.

What is Digital Cameras Used for?

Taking pictures or vidios

What is often used in digital cameras?

memory cards

Camera zoom lens was invented in..?

digital cameras --------------------------------------- Zooms have been around a Lot longer than digital cameras, but it wasn't until the mid '70's that computers were used to help design them, making them more affordable and efficient (smaller)

Where can someone purchase used digital cameras?

Used digital cameras can be purchased from a number of online sites. Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist, for example, each contain listings for these items.

What is a CCTV camera and how does it compare to other camera types?

CCTV stands for Closed-circuit television and CCTV cameras are mainly used for security surveillance. CCTV cameras can be either video cameras or digital still cameras. The video cameras are usually used for video surveillance of houses or business places. The digital still cameras are used for traffic surveillance.

What are digital camera cards?

Digital Camera Cards are removable memory storage devices used with digital cameras.

What is pixels are used as a measurement of?

The resolution in digital cameras and camcorders

What natural resources are used to make digital cameras?


Can zoom lenses be used on digital cameras?

Yes. Most digital cameras come installed with a zoom lens. Basic cameras, such as those for beginning photographers, generally do not have interchangeable lenses. A digital camera with an interchangeable lens will cost more.

What types of cameras are produced by Canon?

Canon produces many different types of cameras, ranging from family photo cameras to professional Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras. While they are all digital now, Canon used to produce many film cameras.

What was the technology that allowed digital processes to be used in cameras?

The technology that allowed digital processes to be used in cameras was the introduction of pixelated imaging. It is the same technology that is frequently found in computer monitors and televisions.

What does a digital camera look like?

Digital Cameras look almost like Film Cameras, only Digital Cameras are more "Computerized" and don't use film. Digital Cameras have an Addition from Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO, they have Mega Pixels which tell you what quality the photos come out as. Lower MP say 1.2MP is mostly used in cheaper Digital Cameras or web cameras, more expensive cameras can go up to 12.5MP or more, Digital Cameras also have an LCD Display so you can view photos instantly. The difference between Film and Digital is that with film once you take a photo its permanent on the film, Digital Cameras enable you to reuse the Memory card since you are able to delete photos. Look at the website dpreview

What is a floppy dick used for?

These days it is commonly used as the media for certain Digital Cameras

What is the best information to compare digital cameras?

You will want to compare digital cameras on how many megapixels it is, the optical zoom, the lenses, the clarity, ease of use, what it is best used for, and the price.

What is a memory stick pro duo used for?

Produced by Sony, it is used for Sony digital cameras, digital music players, PDA's and the like.

What are metering modes on digital cameras?

Metering modes on digital cameras are basically different settings that can be used to help pictures come out much more nicely in different types of lighting.

What capital resources are used to make digital cameras?

what capital resorces are in a camera

What is an auto iris circuit?

Auto iris circuits are used in digital cameras.

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