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Q: What minimum navigation equipment is required for ifr flight?
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What minimum flight visibility is required for VFR flight operations on an airway below 10000 feet MSL?

3 miles

What is manufactured in the Navigation Systems and Equipment industry?

beacons, transponders, collision warning systems, inertial navigation systems, radio compasses and direction-finders, autopilots, data systems/flight recorders, distance measuring equipment, pilots' "heads-up" instrument displays (HUD

What instruments and equipment is required to fly a plane at night?

In addition to the required instruments and equipment for any flight, a plane flying at night is required to have fuses/circuit breakers, landing lights if flying for hire, anti-collision lights, position lights and a source of electricity.

What is the required speed to flight in the air?

The required speed to flight in air is 280kmph.

What minimum flight or surface visibility is requiered by the regulations to have a solo flight?

It will vary by country. For example, in the US the minimum visibility is 3 miles.

How long is a flight from Paris to Delhi?

Qantas offers a connecting flight from PER to DEL via SIN. The total flight time is around 10:40 hrs but if you include the layover and minimum times required for checking / passport control / etc, you're looking at a minimum of 14 hours. 16 hours is more realistic.

What is minimum flight altitude?

1000 feet

How many hours of training does one need to become a flight instructor?

A minimum of 30 hours of dual flight training and 125 hours of ground school training are required to become a flight instructor. In order to enrol in training, one needs to hold a Private or Commercial Pilot License.

Synonyms for words that mean the same as aviation?

Aerodynamics, aeronautics, flight, navigation, piloting

In parachuting what is theory of flight?

Familiarisation and Fitting of Parachute Equipment. Theory of Flight & Aerodynamics.

What is the minimum size of a flight of a stair?

4 feet

What are the disadvantages and advantage of inertial Navigation System?

the disadvantages is it need to give data before flight