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Incorrect data.

It is not important to have incorrect data, in fact quite the opposite.

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Q: What mistake should be avoided when presenting an argument and why are these important in developing effective arguments?
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Why is it important to avoid patronizing language?

Writers can't make effective arguments if they insult their audience.

What are the four important standards for developing an effective essay?

Unity, support, coherence, and sentence skills.

Do you think the validity of an argument or the persuasive skills of the person presenting the argument is the stronger factor.?

In politics, charisma and oratory skill are probably more important than the substance of a politician's arguments, at least terms of popularity. The true substance of their arguments is often hidden or misrepresented,and this is the job of speechwriters, spin doctors and advisors.

When creating and presenting a persuasive speech it is important to consider?

consider what?

Why is it important to apply animation effects and transitions on a presentation?

basic purpose of presentation is presenting some thing so for presenting good and in understandable way its important to apply animation effects..

Why do you think it is important to anticipate objections or reactions when presenting your ideas?

It is important to anticipate objections or reactions when presenting your ideas so as to take criticism positively. With such an attitude, you will be able to improve on future ideas.

Why is effective communication important with adults in a children's care setting?

Effective communication is important with adults in a children's care setting as children will learn from them. Children are very observant and responsive and using effective communication will help them in developing communication.

Why is it important to slow down when you are presenting an oral report?

It will be easier for your audience to understand you.

Why is Nelson Mandela so important for presenting the rugby world cup?


What are the major arguments against planning?

There are no real, good arguments against planning. Having a plan is important in many cases.

Why Management is important to the developing countries?

The mis-management of resources is a major factor of why developing countries are lagging behind. Management is thus very important in the progress of developing countries.

Why is accuracy important in effective communication?

to be effective