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This is called a homogeneous mixture. Its opposite is a heterogeneous mixture.

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What is the meaning of a solution?

A solution is a mixture that appears to be a single substance but is not composed of particles of two or more substances that are distributed evenly amongst each other. HOPE U UNDERSATND A solution is a mixture that appears to be a single substance but is not composed of particles of two or more substances that are distributed evenly amongst each other. HOPE U UNDERSATND A solution is a mixture that appears to be a single substance but is not composed of particles of two or more substances that are distributed evenly amongst each other. HOPE U UNDERSATND

Is black ink a solution a solvent or a solute?

Yes indeed, it is a solution because it is composed of two or more substances that are evenly distributed amongst each other. It is not a solvent because it does not dissolve and solvent are usually waters. Yes it is a solute because of the dye. The dye is something add to the water, the dye makes it have color.

What do the milk and windfall apples symbolize in 'Animal Farm'?

The resources that are to be distributed amongst the members of a society.

What does shared mean?

It is something that is divided and distributed to an individual or group. As in cooked food shared amongst the family for dinner

Why are the four planets closet to the sun amongst the smallest?

If you look at the four outer planets, they are composed largely of easily vaporized substances substances: hydrogen, helium, water, ammonia, and methane. These light, volatile substances, which accounted for most of the mass of the proto solar system, were driven out of the inner solar system by the strong solar wind of the young sun, leaving the inner planets with material that was mostly rock and metal.

What does a Maxwell Boltzman distribution curve show?

it tells us about the distribution of energy amongst particles

Who composed the song Rhapsody in Blue?

The song Rhapsody in Blue was composed in 1924 by the American George Gershwin. This work was amongst one of his most popular, which are widely known and remembered.

What is the basic macromolecule that all cell membranes are composed of?

Cell membranes are primarily composed of a phospholipid bilayer. Amongst these layers there are proteins embedded both on the inner and outer surfaces and through the layer often acting as channels for other substances.The outer surface of the membrane contains carbohydrate chains attached to surface proteins.The phospholipid bilayer also contains cholesterol.All cell membranes are composed of:PhospholipidsProteinsCarbohydratesCholesterol

Who starded the first fire department?

The very first fire department was formed in Ancient Rome by Egnatius Rufus who used his slaves to provide a free fire service. The Emperor Augustus established a public fire department in 24 BCE, composed of 600 slaves distributed amongst seven fire stations in Rome.

How are the skin receptors distributed in the skin?

Skin receptors are not evenly distributed amongst a body. There are more in some places like the hands than there are in say somewhere, like, an elbow. The reason for this is different body parts need that extra bit of sensation.

What are charges?

You commonly hear the word charges in chemistry. Charge refers to a property amongst particles that allows matter to be created.

What is john Dalton contributions?

Amongst other things, John Dalton thought of matter as being made up of particles. His particle theory is sometimes referred to as the 'billiard ball model' since he thought of atoms as being indivisible, unlike what we know nowadays. He also worked on the chemical formulae of different substances.

Explain kinetic theory in relation to solid liquid and gases?

particles in a solid vibrates amongst fixed positions particles in a liquid slips past each other because of their close proxmitiy and takes up the shape of a container particles in a gas moves freely

How do stock option screeners work, and are they any good?

Stock option screeners check the materials or products of a certain business before it is distributed amongst the locations where they are ready to be sold.

What is non-delegation of powers?

Non-delegation of powers refers to situations when, in a federal system of government, specific areas of authority are not distributed amongst the different levels of government explicitly.

Why nonmetals are softer?

Non metals are not always softer than metals. Diamonds (an allotrope of carbon) are amongst the hardest natural substances known. Carbon is nonmetalic.

How does chalk produce friction?

The particles of the chalk get rubbed against each other and so a frictional force is produced amongst them and hence chalk produces friction

Why is gentle shaking necessary during the extraction of caffeine from tea?

This is necessary to ensure the solvent moves amongst the tea leaf particles to extract all the caffeine. It agitates the tea leaf particles and separates any that are clumping together and hindering efficient extraction.

Is Neptune made of methane?

Amongst other compositions, yes. Neptune is mostly composed of hydrogen and helium. But there are also other compositions present such as methane, ammonia and water (in ice form).

How is particle movement related to matter?

Particles and solid matter are locked into place and have very little free room between them. Particles in a liquid do not have much free space between them, but can easily move around each other. As for particles in gases, they can move freely amongst each other, and also have a lot of free space between them.

How did communists handle herds and flocks?

Political affiliation is not involved in animal husbandry. "Lying to their flock" and inciting them against the government. Community ownership of stock - as in the profits are distributed evenly amongst the community that look after the stock.

What is the net worth of yoweri museveni?

Mr Musevenis net worth can not be exactly established because he's assets are distributed amongst he's close relatives and allies . otherwise its about 530$M-610$M

What rhymes with amongst?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word amongst.

How do you use the word 'amongst' in a sentence?

She was found amongst the bushes. He broke off the engagement because of their differing political views, amongst other things.

How do you use amongst us correctly?

He is amongst us in the fight.

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