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YOu will have to call Colt to find out.

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What model smith and Wesson revolver do you have with serial number afy6xxx?

You can not tell the model number with just the serial number.

Can you tell the year your revolver was made by the serial numbers?

Generally, yes, if you submit the make, model & serial number of the revolver.

What is the date of manufacture of a colt 1917 serial number 189558?

if your pistol is of the model 1911 with serial number 189558 then it was made in 1917 by colt. If it is the revolver then the serial number is to high for the 1917 revolver.

When was the colt revolver maade?

that would depend on the model and serial number.........................

What is the age of a Colt revolver serial number dT9T22?

What Colt model? Serial number given, dT9T22 does not compute.

What model of smith and Wesson revolver with serial k-185076?

You can not determine the exact model with just a serial number.

Where can I locate the serial and model number on an Iver Johnson hammerless .32 revolver?

On an older revolver, you are not likely to find a model number, since they did not use model numbers. If you remove the grips, you should find the serial number stamped in the frame under the grips.

How do you find when a colt revolver was made?

By it's model name & serial number.

How do you find out when your colt revolver was manufactured?

By model and serial number. Go to proofhouse.com

When was a colt revolver serial number 89556 produced?

Without a detailed description, someone would have to research every serial number of every model of revolver Colt ever made.

What was the manufacture date of a Smith Wesson Model 617 revolver with serial number 7700?

You did not list the serial number. The serial number should follow this example - CCB8765

Where is the serial number on a Colt Revolver?

depends on the model revolver. single action just in front of trigger guard............ modern revolver bottom of butt............

What is the model number for Smith and Wesson 32 cal revolver sn 85449?

You can't discern a model name or number from the serial number.

What is the value of a ruger bearcat revolver model 918?

There is no such model number assocaited with the Ruger Bearcat. Do you mean the serial number is 918?

What is the age and value of colt serial number 42107K?

what model and cal. pistol/revolver ????????????

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