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You should have stated WHY you would want anymodifications.

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Q: What modifications should be made to a recipe calling for cheese or condensed soup?
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What herbs can be added to make herbed feta cheese for your recipe calling for herbed feta cheese?

I would add basil and oregano

Can you use condensed milk instead of evaporated milk in a fudge recipe?

You can use condensed milk in a fudge recipe. You will have to reduce the sugar in the recipe to account for the sugar in the condensed milk. Some fudge recipes call for condensed milk.

Can you use evaporated milk instead of condensed in recipe?

No. They are not interchangable.

Can cheese powder be substituted for cheese cubes?

As a general statement and typically, no. However, if the only need in the recipe for the cheese ingredient is the flavor of cheese, it might work as a substitute. Usually a recipe calling for cheese cubes instead of shredded cheese,for example, is intending for the cubes to either remain whole and provide texture as well as flavor, add moisture and fat to the recipe which are lacking in the powders, or is intending for the cubes to melt and provide large bits of melted cheese within the dish. In those cases, cheese powder would not work as a substitute.

How much more condensed milk or sugar do I add to a pumpkin pie recipe to make it sweeter?

How much more of the sweet ingredients do I add to a pumpkin pie recipe to make recipe sweeter, whether it's sugar or condensed milk.

Is there a recipe for liederkranz cheese?

It is a private brand so there is no available recipe.

Where can I find a Philly cheese steak recipe online?

You can find a recipe for Philly Cheese Cake at the following ... beef sandwich philly cheesesteak or

Could you subsitute a ready made soup for a condensed soup in a recipe?

Yes, you can.

Can you use regular milk instead of condensed milk in a cookie recipe?

yes you can

What can you use instead of cream cheese in a pasta recipe?

Ricotta cheese

What is a good appetizer recipe using camembert cheese?

There are a lot of good appetizer recipe using camembert cheese. However, one of the good appetizer recipe using camember cheese is three mushroom, cammeber cheese and thyme puff pastry strudel.

Where can one find a pimento cheese recipe?

Some good pimento cheese recipe can be found at the Wisegreek website and the Shockingly Delicious website. Both website contain a lot of pimento cheese recipe for home use.

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